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Plataforma BIM BR, the world library to download BIM objects

Plataforma BIM BR, the worldwide library that allows you to download BIM objects in various formats in addition to guides, standards and manuals, is now operational

The BIM object libraries represent an important way of spreading the BIM methodology (Building Information Modelling) in the AEC sector. In fact, these libraries, which may be either public or private, allow you to download BIM objects grouped into specific categories or catalogues.

South of America is gradually carrying out several actions according to a precise strategy for spreading BIM, through government actions aiming at developing virtual libraries with BIM objects, in order to achieve the same level of maturity in adopting the BIM methodology as already achieved in North America and Europe.

The Plataforma BIM BR

In order to promote the adoption of BIM at a national level, the Brazilian government is promoting a unified policy through a “National strategy for spreading BIM” (read article). Particularly, The Brazilian agency for the Industrial Development (Agencia Brasileña de Desarrollo IndustrialABDI) in collaboration with The Brazilian Ministry of Industry, has launched the new Plataforma BIM BR containing numerous BIM objects.

The BIM Platform aims at becoming a real BIM National Library (BNBIM), from which you can export BIM objects with specific proprieties.

This initiative is particularly important to encourage the development of BIM at a national level, promoting the use of BIM in Public bodies, institutions, private and professional organizations.

The BIM-BR Platform works as a public portal for continuous improvement that is able to provide BIM resources to Brazil.

How does the BIM BR platform work?

It is possible to access the Platform with any browser through this link. The platform contains a “library” with numerous BIM objects that satisfies a range of requirements. (ed.: at the moment there isn’t a large offer of objects yet! The various producers are generating objects according to required standards and are still uploading them on the platform, which should soon be considerably updated).

It is possible to access the platform for free after registering on the website.

Next you need to access the “Biblioteca Nacional BIM” section and then define the criteria for searching objects.

Objects can be grouped by:

  • category;
  • sub-category;
  • software;
  • other features.

Furthermore, it is possible to specify a keyword, an author and technical compliance.

It is also possible to carry out a research.


Plataforma BIM BR: objects search

You can choose a particular software with its proprietary format (eg: Edificius, Revit, Archicad, AllPlan, etc.) or select the IFC open file format.

By starting the research, the objects that are compatible with the set-up filters will be shown.

In addition, the platform also contains guides, standards and manuals relating to BIM processes, that you can download for free and you can even consult the latest BIM news and the list of professional experts in the sector.


Plataforma BIM BR news

Objects regulation on the platform

The objects on the platform must follow a precise technical regulation that establishes minimum criteria and requirements for publication.

This ensures a high level of data quality and consistency of all contents.

It is important to highlight that the requirements provided by the platform must be observed over time by all those interested in participating in public works, for which the BIM methodology will be gradually requested.

Currently, the only BIM software partners of the project are ACCA software and Graphisoft.


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