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Plumbing and mechanical modeling FAQs

Plumbing and mechanical (MEP) modeling FAQs

What is MEP? Can I automatically obtain project drawings? Can I verify interferences with the architectural model? The MEP FAQs

Do you have doubts about MEP modeling of plumbing and mechanical systems? Would you like to have some more insights with regards to how to work with Edificius MEP?

In this article I’ll provide you with the most common qustions with answers regarding plumbing and mechanical installation systems and the use of the MEP environment in Edificius.

I’ll also be addressing some important aspects relating to MEP and installation systems modeling Ti fornisco informazioni importanti su aspetti generali del MEP e sulla modellazione degli impianti grazie alle potenzialità di Edificius.

Plumbing and mechanical modeling FAQs

What is MEP?

The MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) acronym refers to the BIM modeling of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

This system allows to obtain an overall model of the architectural, structural and plant engineering design, so as to immediately evaluate the spatial and dimensional coherence of the building-plumbing model.

You can also manage technical installation systems in a construction, avoiding errors and conflicts with other elements (architectural or structural).

What are the advantages of using a MEP software?

There are many benefits you can get from using MEP. For example, you can:

  • take decisions on executive aspects already during the design phase
  • identify interferences
  • obtain an automatic cost estimate
  • choose all the elements that must be used (fittings, special parts, etc.) already during design phase and if necessary edit them
  • automatically obtain project drawings directly from the model
  • identify possible conflicts and errors
  • have a digital database with all systems model information.

Can I import the 3D block of a radiator and convert it into a MEP object in Edificius-MEP?

Yes, select the element of your interest from the objects menu. From the properities panel, under the “Model” node, choose Create a new MEP object importing a 3D model from file. At this point you can insert your 3D model selecting it from your local folder and set up all the connectors.

Furthermore, you can also convert a 3D architectural block present in the model by also selecting, under the “Model” node, Create a new MEP object converting a 3D architectural model. Now use the magic wand to select your 3D model and proceed to convert your 3D block in a MEP object.

Can I view my project in 3D?

With Edificius-MEP, you can view your project in different ways, such as:

  • 3D view, to quickly check the project development and make changes if necessary or complete the modeling part with the appropriate tools
  • Real Time Rendering (RTBIM),  to browse through the rendered model and verify possible project discrepancies
  • Immersive Virtual Reality (iVR), to navigate the model in first person and view closely any project element.

I need to change the transition connections between pressurized pipes, how can I do that?

In a very simple way, you can replace any fitting present in your project. From the properties panel under the “Fitting” node you can access the Edificius libraries and select the fitting that suits you best.

Alternatively, under the same item, you can also modify the fitting by specifying thickness, diameter, angle and all other dimensions, so as to obtain a customized element.

Check this video tutorial for more details.

Plumbing and mechanical (MEP) modeling FAQs

Plumbing system modeling | Select a new MEP element

Can I verify the interferences between the installation systems and the architectural and structural elements?

Yes. With Edificius-MEP and the various software views (floor plans, 3D, Real Time Rendering, etc.), you can immediately verify if the MEP elements create interferences with the architectural or structural model elements.

You have the possibility to view the model as if it was already built and to manage the visibility to improve the perception of the installation system that you are modeling and the positioning of each element.

I haven’t found the type of boiler that I need. Can I create a new one?

Of course. Simply select the element of your interest in the objects menu, then from the properties panel, select Create a new MEP object using the parametric configurator under the Model node and follow the wizard instructions.

You can quickly and easily create all the MEP elements that you need such as radiators, heating towel rails, fan coils.

Plumbing and mechanical (MEP) modeling FAQs

Technical installation system modeling | Creating a new element MEP

Can the MEP objects that I have created be edited?

Yes. All MEP objects that are present in your model (both default and customized ones) can be edited. You can edit all the data in your model: from dimensions to different information and properties.

What does Edificius-MEP allow me to do?

Edificius-MEP allows you to control the design of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems and model without limits or obstacles.

The great advantage of Edificius-MEP is that you would be able to see how each system component is articulated in space and to interact with the whole installation system already during the design phase, reducing the possibility of design errors.

Moreover, you can hide some parts of the model in order to have an overview of the system and find the best solution to integrate them with the structure and the other components of the building.

Which project drawings can be produced with Edificius-MEP?

With Edificius-MEP you can easily obtain your drawing models such as:

  • project drawings complete with floor plans, cross-sections, area and isometric views
  • tables and schedules together with project elements grouping
  • renders and screenshots showing the project final result
  • the cost estimate.

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