Post Lockdown Bed and Breakfast safety plan: technical guidelines for a safe reopening

Post Lockdown Bed and Breakfast safety plan: technical guidelines for a safe reopening

Bed and Breakfast safety plan: the technical guide for the hotel industry to adapt their facilities and mitigate the risk of COVID-19, together with a project ready to use

The Coronavirus outbreak has had a huge impact on the hospitality industry, but as travel demand strengthens, guesthouses and bed and breakfast owners may want to consider adopting safety measures and prepare for reopening.

This technical guide addresses both hotel owners and technician and offers directions and best practices for the hotel industry facilities that are looking to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here we give you a look at some reopening plans and the new guidelines, distancing measures and hygiene practices they will have in place to ensure the safety of both staff and guests. Specifically, we will provide you:

In order to open the 3D project file, you will need to first download Edificius free trial version and follow the steps indicated below.

This render is an example from our case study created with Edificius that shows how a bed and breakfast has been adapted to ensure safety and healthy precautions for customers and staff.

Post Lockdown Bed and Breakfast safety plan: technical guidelines for a safe reopening

Bed and breakfast reopening | view from above

Download Edificius and immediately use our example file as a reference for your project.

Prevention and protection measures

We suggest the following operational recommendations for your hospitality clients:

  • body temperature measurement / Guests and staff must complete a self-declaration
  • supply of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • prepare adequate information on prevention measures, possibly in different languages
  • respect interpersonal safety distance in common areas
  • prepare hand sanitization points
  • reception and service counter can be equipped with sneeze guards
  • encourage contactless electronic payments
  • encourage the use of online booking with automated systems for check-in and check-out
  • room sanitation at the end of each service
  • training courses for workers
  • collection of potentially infected waste
  • increase air exchange
  • organization of the activity layout
  • working time reorganization
  • possibly separate entry and exit points
  • manage access of external suppliers
  • cleaning and sanitizing of work surfaces and equipment used
  • health surveillance and protection of vulnerable workers
  • measures to prevent epidemic outbreaks
  • management of a symptomatic person
  • the use of lifts must be such as to allow respect for interpersonal distance
Coronavirus awareness icons

COVID-19 awareness icons

The technical guide with essential requirements for Bed and Breakfast to reopen

This section is dedicated to technicians in charge of adapting an accommodation facility in order to comply with hygiene and/or prevention measures.

Download the project file created with Edificius that will help you to reorganize the establishment environments.

Remember that, to be able to open the model, you can download the free trial version of Edificius.

Some safety measure to minimise the exposure to COVID-19 for staff and customers include:

  1. entrances: where possible, provide differentiated entry and exit points and, in any case, guarantee interpersonal safety distancing
  2. points for hand sanitization: provide for a wide availability of hand hygiene dispensers located in several points of the activity, so as to promote frequent use by both customers and employees
  3. area for measuring body temperature: consider the idea of having an area for measuring body temperature, possibly near the entrance
  4. space for the isolation of potentially infected people: if possible, provide a space dedicated to the isolation of subjects who show symptoms attributable to the infection by COVID-19
  5. internal pathways: insert compulsory pathways that facilitate respect for social security distancing, through the use, for example, of markers on the floor
  6. organize the cash desk / reception area: in this case you guarantee the safety of both employees and customers through the use of separation elements such as plexiglass panels
  7. common areas: organize these spaces (both indoor and outdoor) in order to allow people to maintain safety distancing and avoid gatherings
  8. air exchange systems: make sure that the right air exchange is guaranteed in all environments through natural and / or mechanical ventilation, excluding the air recirculation function for air conditioning systems
  9. restaurant: room service is encouraged, however, for facilities having one or more restaurant environments, we suggest you to have a look at “Technical guidance for reopening and adapting your restaurant

Caso studio: progetto di adeguamento di un bed and breakfast

Here is a practical case study that you can use as a project example.

The surveyed stage

Let’s assume that we have a building with a floor plan of approximately 11.50 m x 13.50 m.

The entrance is located on the west part of the building and also works as a reception and anteroom that separates the owner’s room and the guests’ common environments.

From the common room, where there is also the kitchen, you can access:

  • on one side to the external area, intended for relaxing and socializing
  • on the other side to the corridor, which connects the various guest rooms

These ones are located on the east side of the building, to take advantage of the morning sunlight. For each room there is a bathroom and a balcony, thus improving the quality of the bed & breakfast.

In the north part of the building there is the owner’s sleeping area, with enclosed bathroom.

Post Lockdown Bed and Breakfast safety plan: technical guidelines for a safe reopening

Bed and breakfast reopening | surveyed stage floor plan

The project

For the bed and breakfast reopening, we have rearranged the spaces in the following way.

Post Lockdown Bed and Breakfast safety plan: technical guidelines for a safe reopening

Bed and breakfast reopening | project floor plan


At the entrance we have added:

  • a small table with disinfectant gel, a pack of disposable gloves and a body temperature detector
  • a waste bin for used masks and gloves
  • an additional dispenser – hands sanitizing column
  • signages on the walls to inform guests about the rules to follow
  • sneeze guards on the counter for safe payment operations.

Finally, we have traced a pathway for both guests and staff with a 10cm wide strip to ensure the adequate social distancing.

Post Lockdown Bed and Breakfast safety plan: technical guidelines for a safe reopening

Bed and breakfast reopening | render of the entrance produced with Edificius

Common areas

In the internal common area we have replaced the eight-person table with a smaller one that seats two people (the maximum number of guests per room). This guarantees a correct shift between the customers of the different rooms.

We’ve also removed the sofa with the coffee table and the television in order to avoid people from different rooms staying in the room at the same time. This choice also allows to obtain more useful space to maintain the safety distances between the people sitting at the table and the people following the guided pathways.

Also in this area we’ve provided dispensers for hand hygiene and information signages.

Post Lockdown Bed and Breakfast safety plan: technical guidelines for a safe reopening

Bed and breakfast reopening | render of the common areas produced with Edificius

Outdoor common areas

In this area we’ve removed the table with the four seats and the armchair with coffee table.

The new layout provides:

  • three tables
  • two seats for each table

The elements are 1.50 m distant and allow the customers of the three rooms to sit outside without generating unsafe crowding.

Sanitizing dispensers and information signages have been placed in this area too.

Post Lockdown Bed and Breakfast safety plan: technical guidelines for a safe reopening

Bed and breakfast reopening| render of the outdoor common areas produced with Edificius


The guided pathway that leads to the different rooms continues along the entire corridor, where users will also find hand sanitation dispensers and information signages.

Bed and breakfast reopening: Guidance on how to reopen and adapt your business to work safely during the COVID-19 pandemic

The architectural design perspective

In this video we’ll be showing you how the practical operations to adapt a bed and breakfast using Edificius, the architectural BIM design software.

Bed and breakfast reopening: Download the supporting material for free

Download all the necessary material to tackle some key queries in relation to a bed and breakfast management during the pandemic.

Project file

3D project created with Edificius

Presentation slides

Here is a brief summary of the operations to adapting a Bed and breakfast.