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How to generate 2D floor plans and 3D views

Presenting an interior design project with 2D floor plans and 3D views

Find out how to deliver a competitive advantage presenting a winning interior design project thanks to detailed 2D floor plans and 3D views

The main task of an interior designer or professional architect is to penetrate deeper into the customer’s ideas and then implement them in the form of a project. It is crucial to establish a style of interaction and develop an effective communication with the client since the first meeting.

For this reason, the designer needs to have the right expertise to also interpret the client’s need and respond in a timely manner to practical problems by providing an adequate solution in terms of:

  • traditional bidimensional documents (floor plans, cross-sections, elevation views, etc.)
  • 3D views (photorealistic images, 3D model to navigate in real time, etc.).
2D floor plan

Interior design floor plan created with Edificius

In this focus article we’ll be seeing how to present an interior design project by dynamically obtaining all the technical drawings from a 3D model to share project ideas and the various technical aspects that need to be implemented to your client.

I’ll be using Edificius, the ACCA’s architectural and interior design software, to produce some examples. Download the free trial version of Edificius here and read my tips below.

How to generate 2D floor plans and 3D views

From your 3D model, you can quickly generate 2D drawings and 3D views for extraordinary representations of the planned environment.

How to generate 2D plans dynamically from a 3D model

In this section I’m going to show you how to dynamically obtain all the 2D drawings conveying all the relevant technical information.

Follow these simple steps to generate the drawing models of your interior design project:

  • access the floor plan at your desired level and from the IFC, photos and drawing models node select the Floor Plan, Cross-section and Elevation views command, according to the view that you want to generate
  • click within the drawing work space to obtain your project floor plan, or define a cross-section plan
  • view the design plan reproduced in the Drawing Models section
  • customize the graphics by choosing the print styles you prefer and modify them according to your tastes.

Generating the 2D drawing models automatically from the 3D model with Edificius

How to produce working drawings

If you need to create working drawings, simply drag the individual drawings including images and renderings of your interior design onto the sheet of your choice.

You can obtain working drawings complete with floor plans, cross-sections, isometric cut-aways and renders with just a mouse click.

All the generated views (floor plans, cross-sections, isometric views, etc.) are dynamically connected to the BIM model. In fact, they are automatically updated each time we modify the model and are ready to be presented to your client and shared on websites, social media or to blog posts.

How to generate impressive 3D views

Here’s how you can reproduce realistic 3D views to present your project in a unique way.

In order to create an isometric cut-away with Edificius, follow these steps:

  • create a floor plan or cross-section with the appropriate command
  • select the plan or section entity that you have generated
  • mouse right-click on the Isometric Cutaways and then choose Add Isometric Cutaway
  • find the right point of view using your mouse 
  • render the view you have chosen.

In this way you can obtain project 3D images in just a matter of minutes and immediately show them to your client.

3D view

3D view created with Edificius


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