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Public spaces and landscaping design ideas

Public spaces and landscaping design ideas

Need some ideas for your landscaping design projects? Download these 4 examples for free

If you’re looking for public spaces and landscaping design ideas, or more specific garden design inspiration, we’ve put these various project examples together to help you out with the creation process.

A BIM landscape design software for both 2D and 3D modelling, such as Edificius, allows you to streamline the process of drafting and collaborating on designs as it facilitates representation of public spaces and urban areas.

Download the free trial version of Edificius to view the 3D model examples available below.

Free examples to download

We all know that the initial steps require a concept study that considers every aspect of right from the planning stage in order to guarantee optimal usability and avoid complications during the execution phase.

In that respect, these useful examples should be of help.


Let’s have a look at this first project that contains the the main elements that should always be taken into account when dealing with garden design:

  • standards and regulations
  • vegetation selection according to:
    • plot location
    • plot orientation
    • function (visual and acoustic screening, shading, boundary delimitation, etc.)
  • equipped open areas (benches, recreational areas, children’s playgrounds, etc.)
  • furniture and materials suitable for outdoor use
  • irrigation systems
  • fountains and pools
  • rain water drainage
  • shading systems
  • perimeter walls and fences
  • lighting.
Public spaces, gardens and landscaping design

Garden project | Render produced with Edificius

Click here to download a garden project for free

Urban spaces

This project is the re-functionalisation of an existing urban area, although not linked to a specific study, with eye-catching features:

  • terraces and footpaths that create a visual and acoustic separation between the various areas
  • shading structures that integrate with surrounding vegetation
  • children’s play areas
  • paved pathways.
outdoor spaces, gardens, landscaping design

Public parks | Render produced with Edificius

Click here to download an Urban area project for free

Urban park

Public spaces can come in a wide range of types and sizes, and have a variety of functions. This project stands out for these aspects:

  • coloured paving
  • skating rinks
  • self-draining pavements in recreational areas
  • play areas
  • differentiated lighting for each area of the park
  • Corten fencing.
Public spaces, gardens, landscape design

Urban park | Render produced with Edificius

Click here to download the Urban park project for free

Public spaces design

Street furniture also have the function of colouring the landscape. The Edificius online BIM objects library offers a wide range of elements that you can import into project. Even download objects from well-known international brands straight into your workspace.

Download this project and customize it using the enormous collection of objects available in the BIM Objects Library.

Check-out the ACCA software online BIM objects library

Public spaces, gardens, landscaping design

Urban furnishing | Render produced with Edificius

Click here to download the public spaces project for free


Download Edificius and discover all the advantages of the integrated environment for 3D landscape design, gardens and terrain modelling.