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3D Model of a BIM project published and shared on the web

Publishing and sharing with a BIM software.

Can a BIM model be published and shared on the web? With the latest technology advancements, now it can with a web-based viewing tool that lets you explore your BIM Model directly from your Browser

The BIM design process simplifies the relationship between buyer, designer and contractor, dramatically reducing project timing and planning.

Web technology, in turn, offers new ways of exchanging information, serving as a bridge and a means of communication between the various technical roles involved in the realization of a project.

The fusion between BIM desihn technology and web design has lead to the creation of a cloud based platform called Edificius-VR, entirely developed in the ACCA software headquarters, allowing users to share the 3D Model of a BIM project and therefore show it to anyone, colleagues, or customers and on any browser equipped device, both desktop and mobile.

Sharing a 3D Model with a BIM software

Edificius-VR is a Cloud-based service built into Edificius which allows its users to share a 3D project with anyone, offering the ability to view and navigate withing the BIM model directly from a Browser and without the need to install any software.

Once the user has completed the BIM modelling phase with Edificius, with a simple click on the “Edificius-VR” share icon, the entire model is then prepared for upload to the Edificius-VR cloud service. As a first step, a user login is required (you can use the account credentials received after activating Edificius). Confirming with “Start“, initiates the upload process that continues in background allowing the user to deal with other activities in the mean time. A few minutes after, an email is sent out to the user with a link to the uploaded Edificius-VR project file.

Edificius-VR - Sharing

Edificius-VR – Sharing

Edificius, in fact, automatically saves the BIM Model to Edificius-VR and at the same time creates a link for shared access to the 3D BIM model in the virtual reality web viewer.

The emailed link can of course be forwarded, copied, and shared with anyone.

The provided link allows the receiver to view the project from your PC, smartphone or tablet device’s internet browser without the use of any other software.


Edificius-VR - Browser

Edificius-VR – Browser

Viewing the project, you can adjust the view using the Orbit or First Person viewing modes and you can also use your PC arrow keys for extra precision.

3D Model View

3D Model View

How to manage Edificius-VR projects

Within the Edificius-VR platform, projects can be managed quickly and easily.

From the toolbar at the top, select Services and then click on Edificius-VR.

Edificius-VR - Services

Edificius-VR – Services

User identification data is required.

Within the platform, you can manage all projects uploaded to the free Cloud Space and these can be deleted or shared directly from the platform.


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