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Managing restructuring works and variants using a BIM Edificius

Remodelling projects and how these aspects are managed using a BIM software.

How to obtain job variations and detailed phasing documentation when addressing remodelling projects and how these aspects are managed using a BIM software.

Having the opportunity to address renovations and re-modellings, such as in the case of an apartment, a single-family residence or a large public or private structure, is an important advantage for those working in the construction field.

This would save time and money as well as being very precise in defining demolitions and new building elements.

In this particular field of work, managing project variations, is one of the greatest demands of designers and there is also a great need to create models for a visual and analytical comparisons between the surveyed stage and the new design stage or between two different project stages.

Using the architectural design BIM software Edificius, you can take advantage of a powerful tool that can dynamically compare the "current situation" (survey) and the "design stage". This design tool is: the Project Group.

A unique design and phasing environment granting you to compare two views of the project to highlight its diversity. It allows very easily to handle the two BIM models (current situation and design stage) and to automatically obtain a colour-coded summary of the required interventions:

  • yellow for demolished areas
  • red for the newly-built elements

How to get a dynamic comparison between the current situation and the design stage

We use the “Project Group” file to obtain the comparison drawing models in Edificius.

On the Edificius Home page, in the “New” section, we'll select the “Project Group” file type and specify the Edificius file that represents the “Current Situation”.

The “Project Group” generates a group file and a copy of the “document” of the “Current Situation” (CS) that becomes the “Design Stage” (DS) “document” from where all remodelling aspects are addressed.

How to use the remodelling tools (design stage)

Edificius provides "Tools" such as: demolisher, trowel and magic wand with which you can intervene on architectural objects in the "Design stage".

If strictly necessary, you can also intervene on the "Current situation" document.

How to Use Remodelling Tools (surveyed current situation)

In this case, the demolisher, trowel and magic wand tools assume different functions compared to the project situation.

Normally, the document of the current situation should not be altered.

However, Edificius offers the opportunity to intervene on the document of the current situation through the function "unlock".

Reproducing the comparison drawing models with the Project Group

Whithin the Project Group you can create "drawing models" (planimetries, plants, sections, prospects, assonometries) and "elaborates" (reports, tables and Abaci, working drawings) for managing all the information on the comparison between the "Current Situation " and the “Design Stage”.

From the "Design Stage" level we can automatically create a comparison drawing table consisting of three construction documents:

  • Removed/Demolished (Current Situation)
  • New/Built (Design Stage)
  • Comparison

The Demolished Entities of the CS are highlighted in yellow, the Newly Built DS entities and the comparison models simultaneously display demolished and built entities.

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