Revolutionary graphene concrete for thermal and electricity conductivity

Revolutionary graphene concrete for thermal and electricity conductivity

Graphene concrete is the result of Italian research and will make construction more sustainable: The concrete of the future presented at the MWC 2019 in Barcelona

New supermaterial graphene concrete will heat up our homes and reduce carbon emissions produced by domestic heating in the near future.

In fact, this composite modifies the typical insulating behaviour of traditional concrete, enabling the passage of electric current through the cement paste without compromising its performance. It is undoubtedly an interesting breakthrough that could revolutionize the way we live.

An extraordinary innovation that started from Italcementi’s research in Italy after joining the Graphene Flagship Consortium, one of the most important research initiatives launched by the European Union in the field of materials with the aim of fully developing the potential of graphene and other recently discovered materials.

The development of new technologies capable of revolutionizing multiple industrial sectors and generating economic growth is thus promoted while creating new job opportunities in Europe.

At the 2019 MWC in Barcelona, ​​the “Graphene Pavillion” will showcase the innovation in graphene and other operational prototypes. In particular, a mock-up will show how floor heating works thanks to the use of a thin layer of graphene concrete, positioned between the screed and the flooring surface.

Revolutionary graphene concrete for thermal and electricity conductivity


It will be sufficient to apply a thin layer of the graphene concrete composite, between the screed and the surface of the flooring, to get the same benefit as traditional floor heating.

This new material is a smart concrete that exploits the innumerable potential of graphene, not surprisingly defined as the ‘material of wonders‘: it is very strong and light, excellent in conducting electricity and heat and additionally it is very resistant and flexible.

Revolutionary graphene concrete for thermal and electricity conductivity

Green concrete

Concrete is the most widely used building material in the world, and graphene can be used for floor or wall heating. A long-lasting solution that requires little maintenance and contributes to energy savings, with advantages also in terms of cost.

Research in this field is progressing with the study of further applications in the short term, such as for heating external surfaces thus offering a safe and ecological anti-snow and anti-ice solution. In the near future roads and bicycle lanes, garage ramps, piers and airport runways can be cleared of ice and snow without the need for corrosive salt and anti-freeze products.

In the medium term, Italcementi expects to be able to use graphene cement for the structural monitoring of buildings. Graphene’s conductivity property could in fact be exploited to detect deformations and cracks in real time, so as to intervene promptly at an early stage of infrastructures degradation.

Another possible application is to use graphene concrete to build anti-static flooring or to shield buildings from electromagnetic interference.

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