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scene Photo-Match with a BIM software Edificius

Scene Photo-Match with a BIM software

How to create a scene Photo-Match with a BIM software by adapting a render to a photograph? Let's see how it's done with the Edificius BIM software.

One of the main aspects that any designer faces is to create professional project presentations to generate strong customer engagement.

An aspect that becomes evermore important to overcome the communication gap and allow everyone to understand a project even if they don't have any technical background.

To create effective presentations, a rendering needs to be supported by specific features, rich object libraries (HD Textures, CAD Blocks, and 3D Models) and an efficient graphics processing technology.

How many times have  we tried to adapt the perspective of a neat looking render to match the background of a photograph probably taken on-site?
This sort of simulation makes it even easier to understand the project because we are inserting it into reality and its true context.  This is much easier for the client to understand because he has all the references of what he is already familiar with.

What is a Photo-Match?

Photo-match or photomontage, is a technique that lets you create an image that combines a real photo, integrated with the rendering generated from a virtual 3D model.
The entire image is obviously adapted in terms of perspective and scale as acquired from reality.

To make everything as credible and professional as possible, you need to look at the site photo to study lighting, shadows, the overall scene perspective, the colors and, above all, the point from where the photo was taken. Of course, it can all be done manually by simply trying to catch as many details as possibble, but the results aren't always satisfactory.

The ultimate goal of a good photo-match is to represent the 3D model correctly merged into the scene as if it were already built in-place.

Only professional presentations can you involve your customer in a participated design process!

The Photo-matching procedure with the Edificius BIM software

From the Project navigator, simply select Add Photo-Match. This then launches a dialog box where you can load any type of Photo of the desired scenario, and acquire the photo's perspective by adjusting  the vanishing lines. This process also serves to position the 3D model correctly.

Then load a decent photo of the construction site, where the building will be located.

The video below shows how its done.

Now simply verify the perspective recreated by Edificius with:

  • the horizon plane;
  • the vertical axis
  • the size of the bounding box to set the right scale.

Once completed this first step, we can confirm and proceed.

The 3D model (in this case a building) is then inserted into the photo with the same perspective as the objects already present.
You can then proceed with the positioning of the building and move it easily by holding down the mouse wheel. Using the mouse scroll wheel, the building is appropriately scaled and with the right mouse button it can also be rotated to face the right direction.

Other tools allow the user to fine tune scene alignment using 90 degree step rotations, the visibility and transparency options as well as several zoom scales.

If we want to fix the model in the photo, we use the Movement Lock function. To make the photo even more realistic, you can also use the Shadows feature and then Start Rendering.

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