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Setting up a model views to produce architectural renderings Edificius

Setting up a model views to produce architectural renderings

Let's see how to rapidly generate the architectural rendering views and how to optimize the scene set up

Building a convincing render or animation requires a vision of what you want to achieve and a clear idea about how to communicate emotions together with the project technical aspects.

"Artistic" types of aspects are taken into account. Lights, colours, styles become fundamental expressions to highlight building specifications.

It can be very frustrating for beginners not to have control of the many problems that occur when generating a render.
As a matter of fact, the rendering process represents one of the most complex and trying phases within all the graphics/animation process or BIM architectural design software.

In similar cases, the possibility of having software functions that allow to reproduce the BIM architectural model views will result useful and will help in the process of selecting the best  scene set up for the renderings.

Let's now see how Edificius, the architectural BIM design software can easily model interior and exterior scene set up of the digital model before launching the rendering process.

How to add an interior and exterior view of an architectural digital model


From the Edificius Architectural menu we can select the Camera function and insert it on the level. We then proceed positioning the camera by dragging it with the mouse.

We can fix the observation point and then address the camera in the direction of the set up scene.

With a simple click, we fix the scene set up. Next we open the window with the model 3D view where we continue by inserting a picture of the scene in a dedicated menu node and proceed in the same way to insert further interior and exterior views.

How to modify the scene set up of an architectural digital model


From the Dialogue box, we activate the options for lighting the scene and position the camera.

We can now edit the scene set up, raising or lowering the view, moving it to the right or left or moving the starting point of the set up fowards or backwards.

As a result we would the assess much rapidly the generated model views.

How to edit the scene lighting


Still within the Dialogue box we activate the options to position the camera and lighting the scene.

We then adjust the brightness of the scene defining its intensity. In addition, we can determine the amount the of light of the scene accordingly  through an artificial light placed behind the observer.

We can therefore choose the quality level and perform a preview of the scene with the previously defined options.

By modifying the scene set up we can perform up to 10 previews and when selecting the scene we can finally launch the rendering.

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