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Single-family detached homes projects ready for download

Here are some interesting examples of single-family detached home projects: navigate through the 3D models and download the DWG project examples of floor plants, elevation views, cross-sections, axonometric views.

In this last focus dedicated to residential building types we will analyze two single-family detached home projects, both reproduced in specific contexts:

  1. The first house example is located on a flat terrain
  2. The second house example has been built on a rocky and steep terrain

From the next Architecture Focus section on, we will focus our attention on non-residential building types.
In the previous insights, we have examined single-family detached homes aspects in terms of:

  • definition
  • architecture
  • technical features
  • project schedules

We have also provided descriptions and technical reports of several famous and not-famous projects.

As for the previous articles, you will also have the opportunity to download single-family home projects 3D models in .edf format, together with graphic elements and project drawings DWGs.

Models of single home projects ready for download.



Download the BIM 3D model (.edf file) of project A




Download the 3D BIM model (.edf file) of project B


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Single-family detached homes projects

Project of single-family detached homes in a flat terrain context

The first project is a two-storey private home inspired by a building located in a picturesque residential area in Pirita, Tallinn.

The solar exposure and the building surrounding environment, having a pine forest on two sides, make the design remarkably outstanding.



Download the zipped DWG drawings with the floor plan



Download the zipped DWG file with axonometric views


The main feature of this single-family detached home refers to the volumetric consistency of the roof:

  • the back side frames the views towards the forest
  • on the front side, the daylight is captured thanks to the varying dimensions of the openings giving natural and nuanced light.

The common areas are located on the ground floor, and are connected to the garden. The dining area and the kitchen are placed on the prominent volume facing the southern side which receives the whole spectrum of the day light. The living room and the sauna face the western side and they have direct access to the porch. The porch is part of the landscape that was planned for gradually expanding itself outside the surrounding nature up to becoming part of the building and deleting the boundary between inside and outside.



Download the zipped DWG file of the project plans




Download the zipped DWG file of the project cross-sections


The upstairs consists of a private space with four bedrooms and bathrooms. Three bedrooms have access to the terrace on the common roof facing the evening sunlight.



The building is covered with vertical black pine wood, with the utmost respect for the location, . The relatively large volume is visually reduced, and its sculptural envelope is characterized by a monochromatic scheme.



Download the zipped DWG file for the project elevation




Navigate through the 3d model of the single-family home project carried out in Pirita


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Single-family home plan in a steep terrain context

Constructed area: 420 m2

The second project is a two-storey private house inspired by a building in Spain in the residential complex of La Coma, in Borriol (Castellón).

The house is built in on a 1560 m2 lot with challenging topographic features and steep slopes in both directions (NORTH-SOUTH in longitudinal direction and EAST-WEST transversal).



Download the zipped DWG file of the floor plan view




Download the zipped DWG file of the axonometric views


The building has been designed starting from two main concepts:

  • the intention to locate the building in the highest and steepest point of the area – obtaining exploitable terraces or flat areas – with the consequent integration between the building and the surrounding landscape. Moreover, the natural ventilation is used effectively – which is important considering the harsh climate – especially in summer.
  • the access road, that crosses part of the lot, from the entrance to the garage, and passes under the building, creates a comfortable and shadowy entrance.



Download the zipped DWG file of the plan views of the project


Moreover, this simple volume single-family detached house is well-located in the mountains, leading to a close connection between each floor and the outside.



Download the zipped DWG file of the cross-section views of the project




Also, the house overlooks a scenic road with significant slopes which creates a vast shaded area facing the landscape.



Download the zipped DWG files with project elevation


Finally, despite the project’s surface, the system of courtyards organized at different levels develops diagonally. This contributes to the creation of continued space, together with the establishment of a strong connection between every level of the house and the external area, in addition to making possible the exploitation of the natural ventilation.



Navigate single- family detached home project 3D model realized in Borriol


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