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How to insert 3D SketchUp objetcs in a BIM software_Edificius

How to add SketchUp models in an architectural BIM design project

Let's see how to add SketchUp models in an architectural BIM design project. Here's how Edificius seamlessly interacts with SketchUp and its modelling tools

SketchUp is a 3D and 2D modelling software developed for multiple design purposes including architectural drawings during planning phases and widely used in the construction industry design process (architectural design, urban planning, civil engineering, etc.).

In recent years its continuous developement has brought advanced 3D modelling capabilities to anyone involved in the design fields for both 2D and 3D needs and all in a very simple and intuitive way. SketchUp has several tools that speed up and customize object creation also covering material assignments or even basic sunlight and shadow simulations.

Considering the simiplicity of its modelling capabilities, this tool represents a useful support for the creation of new objects to insert in a BIM project.
Edificius, the architectural BIM design software, gives you the possibility to add custom 3D models directly in architectural design thanks to its integration with SketchUp.

How to create a custom 3D model with SketchUp

Probably one of the most interesting features using the Edificius for SketchUp integration is that the user can use a reference object already present in the Edificius BIM model as a reference point to model around.

Let's see how to operate by selecting the objects to use as a reference point in SketchUp, then start the integration process from the 3D view's toolbar.

Once SketchUp is launched and connected, you can start to work on your custom 3D model by using its modelling tools.

Completed the model, when you save and exit SketchUp, the model is then automatically imported into the BIM project, originally created with Edificius and also added to the Project BIM Objects Library as a 3D Model.

Editing a custom 3D Model with SketchUp

How about editing a 3D model that was previously created? It's practically the same process. Simply select the model to edit and start the integration with SketchUp again.

At this stage all the work is continued in SketchUp in terms of mmaking the necessary changes and once completed, a simple save and exit, seamlessly sends the modified 3D model to Edificius again.

If there are multiple copies of the same 3D model present in the project, Edificius allows you to choose whether to update only the selected object or all the other instances too. All of these changes, again, will be applied to the objects also included in the Project BIM Objects Library too.

Editing a 3D Model already saved in the Project BIM Objects Library using SketchUp

In the Project BIM Objects Library, simply select the model to edit and launch the integration process with SketchUp where you can easily make all the required changes to the object, save the work session, exit SketchUp and see it updated in the Project BIM Object Library.

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