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Social housing famous projects with BIM models ready for download

WoZoCo Apartments and social housing in Terrassa. Social housing famous projects with technical characteristics, images, dwg drawings ready for download and 3D BIM models to browse

Here’s another insight from our Architecture Focus regarding social housing projects, a type of residential building which has recently been revalued. We will analyze social housing famous projects characteristics and give the opportunity to download floor plans, prospects, sections in DWG format and browse the 3D BIM model online.

Before starting, you can even download the 3D BIM model inspired to WoZoCo Apartments social housing in Amsterdam.

3D BIM model download

Download the 3D BIM model (.edf format file) inspired by WoZoCo social housing project

Social Housing, Modello 3D BIM progetto ispirato a Wozoco – rendering realizzato con Edificius

Social housing inspired by Wozoco project – rendering made with Edificius

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WoZoCo’s Apartments in Amsterdam – 1994/1997

The Garden City community of West Amsterdam, built during the 50s and 60s, began to face a massive increase in population density in the mid-nineties which was threatening the city’s valuable green spaces.
To remedy to this issue, MVRDV was commissioned a block of 100 units in Osdorp district for elderly people.


Social Housing – WoZoCo’s Apartments – assonometria anteriore

Social Housing – WoZoCo’s Apartments – front axonometry

Social Housing – WoZoCo’s Apartments – assonometria posteriore

Social Housing – WoZoCo’s Apartments – back axonometry


Wozoco apartments represents an answer for the needs of those time and was built to provide further independence to the area dwellers. These apartments would then ideally be adapted for younger people in the future.

Wozoco Apartments - render made with Edificius - architectural BIM software

Wozoco Apartments – render made with Edificius

Browse the model inspired by WoZoCo project

The project idea was to design a building with common deck access hosting 100 families. However, due to strict zone regulations (Cornelis Van Eesteren’s AUP plan dating back to the end of ’20s) it was not possible to create a building while maintaining the adequate sunlight. The units didn’t fit the site in an acceptable way and only 87 apartments could be realized within the slab. For this reason MVRDV were invited to find the solution how to insert the remaining 13 units.

Download WoZoCo project single module DWGs in .zip format


Pianta_piano_quinto-WoZoCo’s Apartments-software-BIM-Edificius

Fifth floor plan – WoZoCo’s Apartments


Download WoZoCo prject floor plans DWGs in .zip format

A first idea to design two separate buildings did not seem possible, since the green spaces they aimed to preserve would consequently be downsized.

If they had been placed elsewhere in the area, the common spaces would have instead been too small. A block with big depth and very narrow units did not seem a possible solution either. The North-South orientation of the block implied that the generator had to be a 7.20 mt module.

Considering the fact they could not increase the body’s depth, an extreme solution was thus adopted. By cantilevering the remaining 13 units from the north facade, they created apartments literally suspended in the air but arranged in a highly efficient manner. The complex cantilever trusses which allowed heavy volumes support connected the transparent gallery of the main block and opened up a space to the rest of the site.

WoZoCo Apartments render made with Edificius BIM software

WoZoCo Apartments render made with Edificius BIM software

Download WoZoCo project elevation views DWG in .zip format


Prospetto-nord-WoZoCo’s Apartments-software-BIM-Edificius

WoZoCo’s Apartments north elevation view

The hanging East-West orientated types complete the North-South dwellings in the block with a view over the adjacent polder.

Despite the uniformity of the units and a simple layout, a sense of individuality is conferred by adopting a variety of colors, sizes and locations of the balconies and windows.

The gallery flat becomes acceptable where each gallery is given a different perspective. By changing window positions, balcony sizes and varying balcony materials, the different flats acquire their own character.
The outcome is a unique work, which is smart and lively at the same time. It is like a three-dimensional color palette that redeems the greyness of the suburbs.


Sezione-B-B-WoZoCo’s Apartments-software-BIM-Edificius

Section B-B – WoZoCo’s Apartments

Download WoZoCo project sections DWG in .zip file format

Since the partition walls were more than 8 cm thick compared to the structurally necessary ones (for acoustic insulation), it was possible to use this extra thickness to connect the overhanging beams without having a load-bearing walls increase in weight . It was therefore necessary to cover these beams for soundproofing and against the risk of fire.

A social housing contemporary project in Terrassa – studio TAC Arquitectes (2013)


Social housing – Terrassa Spain – rendering made with Edificius

128 apartments on 5 levels built on a 9.000 m2 floor area

These are the numbers of Social housing in Terrassa (Barcelona).

A manifesto project summarising Social housing fundamental architectural points:

  • housing typological variety compared to the two different bodies size and orientation;
  • accurate design of common and intermediate spaces (deck access, entrance, stairs and common internal passages);
  • different connotation of the building’s elevations according to the relationship respectively with the internal courtyard and with the street front;
  • careful reproduction of the facades components (loggias, balconies, window system, colors, textures and materials) that denotes the different articulation and the individual condition of each accommodation with respect to the inevitably solid character of the entire building.



Social housing – South elevation view -Terrassa


Download the elevation view DWG in .zip format inspired by a Social Housing project in Terrassa

Located in the area of ​​Can Colomer, adjacent to the road from Terrassa to Rellinars, this small housing project represents a planning requirements development.

It is an L shaped building with two different bodies in lenght and depht determining the typological options for each case.


Social housing: Floor plan – Terrassa

Download the floor plan DWG in .zip format inspired by the Social Housing project in Terrassa

The built volume is very compact.  The main facade has horizontal galleries, while the secondary facade has cantilevered elements and openings shaping a regular and simmetric aspect.  The shallower volume is designed with 2 facades each, while the perpendicular volume has houses on each side with a corridor access.

The staircase is inserted in the independent volume. The use of stone on the perimeter walls is alternated with adjustable slats that allow greater control of sunlight. The colors chosen for the surfaces layout make the complex recognizable compared to the surrounding area.

The north facade has common galleries combining  different colors, filters and  textures, which distinguish the project public image.


Social housing: section B-B – Terrassa

Download the sections DWG in .zip format inspired by a Social Housing project a Terrassa

Next insight of Architecture Focus will analyze storey buildings. We will look into the characteristics of this building construction type, review row houses famous projects and give the possibility to download the relating floor plans, elevation and section view DWGs.

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