Sports architecture: the futsal pitch and the basketball court_Edificius

Sports architecture: the futsal pitch and the basketball court

Here is a technical guide to sport-related facilities design, with project drawings in DWG and the 3D BIM model ready for download: The Futsal pitch and the basketball court project

Sport facilities have a two-fold function. On the one hand, they are a necessary support for training performance and sport-related recreational activities; on the other hand, they represent one of the most popular places for social relations.

Although there are some quality examples, many structures have unfortunately been built without an adequate context or analysis of functional and operational requirements.

With the use of appropriate tools and following the relevant regulations, excellent results can be obtained in terms of sport facilities design and construction.

In this technical guide we’ll be dealing with some fundamental design aspects starting from international federal regulations and standard measurements indications, delimitations and permanent equipments together with different types of flooring selection.

Various types of sport facilities will be examined in the next 2 articles:

  1. in the first one we’ll be taking look at how to design a Futsal pitch and a basketball court
  2. in the second one we will focus on how to design a tennis court and the changing rooms.

In this article you’ll be able to find technical drawings in dwg format and the project 3D model in .edf format, immediately available for download, that have been simply and rapidly created with the help of an architectural BIM design software.

How to design a Futsal pitch: the practical guide with DWG resources and 3D BIM model





Download the 3D BIM model (.edf file) of a futsal pitch project

Click here to download Edificius, the architectural design BIM software

Futsal pitch design standard references

All regulations and indications at international level for pitch dimensions are contained in the Futsal Laws of Game by  FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association).

Download the Futsal Laws of the Game – FIFA

There is another international federation, very important especially in South America, for management and promotion of the “fútbol de salón”, called AMF (Asociación Mundial de Futsal) which has produced its own international regulation.

Download the “Reglas de Juego” of the Fútbol de Salón by the AMF

Futsal pitch project: types and characteristics

Futsal can be played on both indoor and outdoor pitches.

The following characteristics need to be taken in consideration:

  • pitch size
  • permanent equipment dimensions
  • flooring
  • possible fence

Render Futsal pitch size - Sport architecture futsal pitch and basketball court- software BIM architecture Edificius


Pitch dimensions and permanent equipment

Futsal is normally played on a rectangular shaped 5-a-side pitch.

The 5-a-side football regulation states that the field measurements can be:

  • minimum 25 m long by 15 m wide (82 by 49 ft)
  • maximum 42 m long by 25 m wide (138 by 82 ft)

However, for international games, such measures are reduced to a minimum of 38 meters by 18 (125 by 59 ft) , up to a maximum of 42 meters by 22 (138 by 72 ft).

Size-goal-Futsal_Sport architecture futsal pitch and basketball court


The goal must be fixed to the ground to prevent it from overturning. The distance (inside measurement) between the posts is 3 m (9.8 ft) and the distance from the lower edge of the crossbar to the ground is 2 m (6.5 ft).

Both goalposts and the crossbar have the same width and depth, 8 cm (0.2 ft).

The goal depth must be at least 80 cm (2.6 ft) on the upper edge and 100 cm (3.2 ft) at ground level. Nets must be made of hemp, jute or nylon, or other approved materials.




By regulation, a futsal pitch flooring can be in PVC, rubber, resin and parquet or, in synthetic grass in case of locally played games and amateur activities. Natural grass can only be used for outdoor recreational activities.



The surface must be flat, smooth and non-abrasive; only a maximum slope of 0.5% is allowed in the direction of the axes.

Concrete or tarmac should be avoided.

For UEFA and FIFA international competitions, synthetic material are usually coloured in blue to increase the contrast between the pitch lines and the ball.

Essential flooring characteristics include:

  • absorbing shocks
  • do not deform
  • guarantee maximum energy return
  • uniform friction
  • be non-slippery
  • wear-resistant
  • guarantee perfect ball bouncing
  • perfect colour retention
  • minimum maintenance



Drainage systems

Outdoor pitches can suffer from stagnant water, mud or puddles that damage them and make them impractical. The solution to this problem is the installation of adequate drainage systems. They can be:

  • horizontal drainage, with underlayment
  • vertical, traditional drainage with aggregates or pipes.

Futsal pitch render- Sport architecture Futsal pitch and Basketball court_Edificius


Futsal pitch design: other aspects to consider

Futsal pitches are normally enclosed and adequate fencing should be installed.

The minumum distance of installation should be 1.50 m (4.9 ft) from lateral lines and 2.00 m (6.5 ft) from the goal lines, with minimum tolerance allowed.

Fenced Futsal pitch render - Sport architecture Futsal pitch and Basketball court_Edificius


The use of suspended nets above the boards is also common to ensure balls remain within the pitch area.

Lighting, both horizontal and vertical, is another fundamental aspect not to disregard.

The ideal lamps have metal halide and white light, with RA greater than 80.

Finally, emergency lighting is mandatory for the safety of spectators when leaving the sport facilities.

Floor plan and section DWGs together with project model in EDF of a futsal pitch

In this section you’ll find the project drawings and the 3D model of a futsal pitch example. 

Sport architecture Futsal pitch and Basketball court-working-drawing-software-BIM-architecture-Edificius

Click here to download Edificius, the architectural BIM design software

Download the 3D BIM model (.edf file) of a futsal pitch project

Download the floor plan and section DWGs of a futsal pitch project example

Project guide of a basketball court with dwg examples and 3D BIM model


The first step for a basketball court project starts with choosing a suitable site. In fact, the construction design requires a lot of space as, typically, courts can reach almost 30 m length. Along the length of the court, it is necessary to add borders, such as sidelines and endlines or baselines, thus increasing the court perimeter.

Panoramic-render-basketball-court-Sport architecture Futsal pitch and Basketball court

Download the 3D BIM model (.edf file) of the basketball court project

Click here to download Edificius, the architectural BIM design software

Basketball court design: standard references

FIBA, the “Fédération Internationale de Basketball”, is an association of national organizations which governs the sport of basketball worldwide defining its rules and specifying standards, equipments and type of facility required.

Here you can download the FIBA guide for basketball courts and facilities.

During the design phase, different national building regulations should also ideally be indicated. With regard to flooring, the international reference standard is EN 14904.

Click here to download a summary of EN 14904 standard by the American Sports Builders Association

Basketball court project

The court must necessarily have a rectangular floor 28.00 m in length by 15.00 m in width (91.9 by 49.2 ft). All lines must be 5 cm large and clearly visible.

Since 2.00 m wide boundary lines must be envisaged along the court perimeter, the total court covers an area of 32.1 m x 19.1 m (105.3 by 62.6 ft).

Basketball-court-floor-plan-Sport architecture futsal pitch and basketball court

In case of indoor courts, the ceiling height should be at least 7,00 m (22.9 ft) from the ground.

Naturally, the two basketball steel rims with nets and blackboards are essential elements, together with protection and support systems, and a scoreboard with a timer.

basketball-hoop-basketball-court-Sport architecture Futsal pitch and Basketball court_Edificius

The basketball rim (hoop) must be installed at 3.05 m height (10ft) from the court floor.

Basketball-pitch-render-Sport architecture Futsal pitch and Basketball court_Edificius


Basketball court design: flooring

The choice of flooring materials is quite wide.

Typically, hardwood, often maple, is the material that is privileged for indoor basketball.

With regard to colour combinations:

  • one or more elements colouring are allowed, matching borderlines, the three-point line and the center jumpe circle.
  • the areas outside and inside the three-point line must not be painted with dark colours.

On the contrary, in case of outdoor courts, synthetic materials are preferred, such as acrylic resin, rubber, PVC, polyurethane with synthetic rubber granules, to provide greater elasticity and higher resistance to atmospheric agents.


Basketball court design: lighting

Lighting is a fundamental element for a basketball court design.
Diffuse natural light, preferably coming from the roof, is advisable. In case of natural lighting coming from the facility sides, manual or mechanical shielding should also be provided.

The artificial lighting system is mandatory for indoor installations and must avoid glare and reflection for athletes and spectators.


Basketball court design: environmental features

Temperature must be constantly maintained not lower than 16 ° C and not higher than 20 ° C.

The relative humidity percentage must not exceed 50% and an adequate air exchange must be provided to allow suitable hygienic and comfort conditions for the athletes.

Floor plan and section in DWG together with EDF model of a basketball court design

Below the project drawings and the 3D model of a basketball court design available for download.


Click here to download Edificius, the architectural BIM design software

Download the 3D BIM model (.edf file) of a basketball court project

Download the project area view and section DWGs of a basketball court