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Structural design: publish and share a structural project online with BIM VOYAGER_EdiLus-VR

Structural design: publish and share a structural project online with BIM VOYAGER

BIM VOYAGER is the Cloud based platform that allows you to publish and share projects with your clients

The recent advances in information technology allow for the application of new AI techniques to structural design and offer increasingly innovative and efficient tools that can facilitate and speed up the work of professionals.

In recent years, new information technology tools are improving the relationship between client, designer and construction builder, while drastically reducing the time necessary for project assessments and overcoming errors that can result from possible misunderstandings and communication obstacles.

BIM VOYAGER is a Cloud based project sharing platform that allows users, colleagues and clients to view an interactive 3D model through a simple web browser to address design choices in a participated design environment.

How to share a structural project online

EdiLus-VR is an advanced function integrated in EdiLus, the ACCA software solution for structural calculations, that allows to share BIM models with everyone on the BIM VOYAGER Cloud platform, and navigate them from a simple web browser, without having to install external applications.

Let's see how it works in detail.

From the EdiLus program, directly in 3D view, you just need to click on the sharing icon button (that you can find on the ribbon) and select the “EdiLus-VR” function.


Model sharing – EdiLus-VR

Next, you can access by inserting your credentials (the email address and password used for registering and activating EdiLus).



You can then add the project title and description to start the upload process.



The model is automatically uploaded via Cloud on the BIM VOYAGER platform, while, the service automatically sends you an email with a link to your structural model that you can forward, copy and share with your clients or colleagues (the link is sent to the same email address used to access the platform).

Through the link it is possible to view the project from a simple web browser or any device, without having to install any other software.

Finally, specific functions allow you to explore the BIM model from the outside (orbit) or walking inside the model (first person) with the mouse, keyboard or device touch.

Here's a video regarding EdiLus-VR functions


Click here to take a quick virtual tour of a project

Click here to try the 30-day free trial of EdiLus, the BIM software for structural calculations