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The information model for preservation of historical parks and gardens. Advantages in terms of maintenance, conservation or enhancement.

Find out all about the design process in Landscape Architecture and the fundamentals of designing public spaces and gardens

Need some ideas for your landscaping design projects? Download these 4 examples for free

Here’s the guide to urban open space planning: 3 project phases, regulations, design elements and a practical example to download

Rain garden design: the ultimate guide to designing a bioretention garden and managing rain water in our towns and cities

Landscape design plans: a case study showing how to design a garden with general criteria, layouts, practical examples and DWG CAD resources to download

How can we design a 3D terrain digital model with contour lines? Let’s find out how to easily and rapidly reproduce this operation thanks to a BIM software for the architecture

How to make excavations and how to calculate the earthwork volumes with a BIM software during the design phase? Let’s find out all the steps for an easy operation

Garden and Landscaping design with a BIM software: from defining outdoor spaces to terrain modeling and creating gardens, parks and outdoor spaces in 3D

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