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The fifth dimension of BIM5D BIM modellingOctober 7, 2021 - 11:15 am in BIM tools

Construction cost estimating: how to dynamically obtain a cost estimate using the 5D BIM model

what is BIM and why do you need itWhat is BIM used for?September 24, 2021 - 11:52 am in Architecture and BIM

What is BIM used for and which are the main roles involved in a BIM project? Let’s have a closer look at benefits, requirements and opportunities

4D modeling software4D modeling softwareSeptember 16, 2021 - 12:05 pm in Architecture and BIM

Time management and construction activities scheduling: here’s what a 4D modeling software is and what it is used for

ACCA software, supporting designers in building BIM models with new content available on the popular BIMobject marketplace

The easiest way to open, view and manage a GeoJSON file online, without any additional software installation, using any device and for free

How to create the 3D model of a Historic building: the example of “La Rotonda” by Palladio modelled in detail with a HBIM software

Developing 3D digital twins of historic buildings and implementing BIM technologies on conservation heritage projects using H-BIM methodologies and workflows

Latest updates for Edificius BIM 3(e): new tables and legends for improved 3D model objects organization

Here’s the latest update for Edificius BIM3: new features and advantages using AIrBIMpro2, the new physically based, ray/path tracing AI-Rendering engine for AEC professionals.

All you need to know about the main BIM professionals (BIM Manager, BIM Coordinator and BIM Specialist)

Real-Time Rendering for Architectural Visualization: browse your model as if it were already built and present your design ideas with photorealistic renders

Edificius User eXperience: the direct experience of Leandro Javier Martín Ramírez modeling the Sevilla Tower with BIM

How Technology Is Transforming the Architectural Visualization Industry. 5 good reasons to prefer Edificius to competitor products for your photorealistic renderings

A 3D modeler, object and texture libraries, post-production tools: all in one software solution

Interference checking, drawing models, BIM object libraries, 3D model with object properties: the advantages of using a MEP software

What is MEP? Can I automatically obtain project drawings? Can I verify interferences with the architectural model? The MEP FAQs

How to automatically obtain electrical diagrams, project drawings and cost estimates using a MEP software

Frequently asked questions with answers regarding 3D modeling of installation systems using Edificius-MEP

How to obtain an automatic cost estimating from your 3D BIM model

3D model and cost estimating: how to easily overcome challenges when using a BIM software

4D BIM Q&As: the dimensions of BIM, adopting 4D BIM and its benefits

Types of drawings and construction documents that you need for your 3D architectural design and to convey your project ideas in a clear and convincing way

Common questions and answers regarding architectural projects

6 interior design plans ready to download and completely free

Find out how to deliver a competitive advantage presenting a winning interior design project thanks to detailed 2D floor plans and 3D views

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