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Some say that BIM is just 3D modelling, time consuming and only for complex projects: let’s debunk some of the most common misconceptions about BIM.

BIM VOYAGER is the Cloud based platform that allows you to publish and share projects with your clients

Building Information Modeling through collaboration between design and technical teams can help engineers to create better and more efficient structural models. Let’s find out how

Developed by researchers at Exeter University, this new superconcrete composite is twice as resistant and 4 times more waterproof than conventional concretes.

Structural Calculations with the finite elements method: here are the most common structural modelling errors that can cause lability in a structural calculation

BIM Collaboration: A practical example of architectural design and structural calculations with the collaborative and operational procedures for design team

How did all the research and development behind BIM technology converge towards becoming an industry changing process; let’s find out how BIM has become a software product

BIM and software interoperability: The basic requirements for software interoperability, how does BIM work

Find out what BIM is. Here are the answers to your questions regarding BIM (Building Information Modeling) widely used in the construction and architecture sectors BIM is the acronym, now widely accepted in all languages, of Building Information Modeling equivalent to a Building’s Data Model. BIM is both the intelligent 3D Model-based data structure and […]

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