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The fifth dimension of BIM5D BIM modellingOctober 7, 2021 - 11:15 am in BIM tools

Construction cost estimating: how to dynamically obtain a cost estimate using the 5D BIM model

Construction site planning: how to improve construction time management and add value to your project with a 4D BIM model

How to obtain an automatic cost estimating from your 3D BIM model

3D model and cost estimating: how to easily overcome challenges when using a BIM software

How does it work and what are the real benefits of using Work Breakdown Structures in organizing and planning activities? (part 2)

What is “Work Breakdown Structure” and what are the rules for a correct application. Here is the procedure for breaking down in details a project components

How did all the research and development behind BIM technology converge towards becoming an industry changing process; let’s find out how BIM has become a software product

How to draft a detailed cost estimate with project entities defined in an architectural BIM design software.

BIM and software interoperability: The basic requirements for software interoperability, how does BIM work

Rate Analysis: what is it and what’s the correct procedure for building up a unit rate

Construction EstimatingFebruary 27, 2017 - 11:00 am in News

Bill of Quantities: What is it? Who uses it and how? Here’s the complete guide regarding this interesting field in the construction industry with examples and a powerful software.

Find out what BIM is. Here are the answers to your questions regarding BIM (Building Information Modeling) widely used in the construction and architecture sectors BIM is the acronym, now widely accepted in all languages, of Building Information Modeling equivalent to a Building’s Data Model. BIM is both the intelligent 3D Model-based data structure and […]

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