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ACCA wins the prestigious buildingSMART International Awards for the second year running: this year as technological leader in the field of IFC dissemination and openBIM

CSA STAR registry is increasingly required for the certification of the highest levels of cloud security services and an alternative to the ISO 27001 certification

Integrating GIS and BIM collaboration platforms allows team members to georeference and get a complete picture of their project

Here are some specific services to create and manage construction documents on a BIM platform from any location (if you are on a construction site or travelling) for enhanced project management

BCF format and usBIM.bcf: a powerful communication management tool that allows users to cooperate on issues with the project

Are you a supplier or reseller and you’re having to do a product presentation to your clients? Use BIM VOYAGER, the platform that allows you to set up your virtual showroom and share it online

Here’s how BIM, digital twins and other digital technologies can help to mitigate the COVID-19 infection risk in a workplace and on construction sites

BIM is the acronym for ‘Building Information Modelling ‘. In this article, we’ll find out more about what BIM actually is and how its implementation can improve your design workflow!

The Peruvian government is preparing to launch a BIM plan which will define actions and priority objectives for developing new public projects

The DigiPLACE project aims at creating a European BIM oriented platform for digital construction

Is it possible to combine an ecological solution to tackle climate crisis with a long-needed public housing upgrade for US communities? The Public Housing Green New Deal recently unveiled

The BIM railway modelling project that incorporates IFC Rail standards presented by ACCA software at the buildingSMART International Standards 2019 in Beijing

Structural E-Permit: automatically checking and verifying if the structural project complies with a certain regulation for issuing an authorization. Here are the details of the project

The archaeological site of Liternum restored by ACCA software through site surveying, points cloud and BIM technology

ACCA wins the prestigious “buildingSMART International Awards 2019” held in Beijing, the program that awards valuable projects developed using buildingSMART solutions

Here is a practical example of IFC and Open BIM application to the rail infrastructure sector: how to manage 50 federated IFC models

The level of adoption of BIM in Europe has been analyzed during the European BIM Summit 2019: the general framework is encouraging and several progresses have been achieved.

BIM Europe: Spain ranks among the countries with the highest level of BIM adoption and one procurement out of 2 already requires the adoption of BIM. Credits to the new BIM inter-ministerial committee

New technological tools are contributing to make construction processes more efficient. Let’s see how BIM and drones can work together to improve the AEC sector

China is becoming one of the countries with the most widespread levels of adoption of Building Information Modelling: 3 projects implemented in China using the BIM methodology.

The Napoli Centrale station and the Naples-Rome railway section case study shows the incredible potential of BIM applied to railway infrastructure (IFC Rail, IFC Road and IFC Tunnel)

BIM management: Common Data Environment (CDE) as a tool to collect, store and organize data and information in a BIM process. Let’s see how it works

Plataforma BIM BR, the worldwide library that allows you to download BIM objects in various formats in addition to guides, standards and manuals, is now operational

Digital construction technology as use of digital tools for economic competitiveness: a case study of 4.0 industry innovation applied to construction

Some say that BIM is just 3D modelling, time consuming and only for complex projects: let’s debunk some of the most common misconceptions about BIM.

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