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IDS (Information Delivery Specification), the new buildingSMART standard to better manage information exchange in Building Information Modelling (BIM)

How to write and share BIM project documents online with the comfort of a browser, without having to download any additional software

How to work in cloud computing and share Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, Power Point) online: the new ways of project management

usBIM.blockchain: the usBIM integrated system’s application that allows you to register any type of file on the Blockchain

What kind of advantages can we get from using Blockchain technology in BIM processes for the construction industry? Read more about how to manage BIM model data security and transparency with Blockchain.

The advantages of using online VR to experience 3D BIM models in a simple web browser

What are federated BIM models: characteristics, advantages, and operational tools

Point cloud clusters: how to view and manage them online using a common browser

IoT in BIMIoT in BIMJune 29, 2021 - 12:21 pm in BIM tools

What is IoT in BIM and how is it managed, fields of application and advantages

A quick way to open, view and add information to a Revit file directly online, with any device and without any additional software, all for free

What is an IFC file? How to view, edit its properties and how to work with IFC data in an openBIM process? Find out more about IFC information sharing and the relating free software tools and the free usBIM system cloud collaboration tools for remote construction project management

Point cloud, GIS maps, online cost estimates, chat features: these are some of the top 10+1 free apps for your construction project management requirements.

The “Organization Information Handbook”, what’s it used for and how is it structured? The strategic guidance tool for all BIM processes

What are the advantages of an efficient BIM document management throughout a project lifecycle?

How BIM collaboration is key and can help you achieving improved construction outcomes from planning to execution, maintenance and dismantling

Integrating proprietary CDE platforms with vertical solutions for real estate assets digitalization and optimization: the example of Agenzia del Demanio and ACCA software

BIM coordination advantages and tools for professionals during the various phases of a project life cycle

Here’s how to view the IFC file of a large infrastructure project with an easy-to-use, free and powerful tool

ACCA software participates in the 2nd ‘Blockchain in Construction Research‘ online workshop at the University of Aberdeen (UK)

What are Building Information Modeling, Building Information Model and Building Information Management

The advantages of a BIM collaboration platform in the AEC sector and the importance of implementing a collaborative organisation

The lack of standardization and public coordination on a federal scale has slowed down the adoption of BIM technology in the USA, differently from  other countries that are making progresses

Canada has made remarkable progresses adopting BIM in the last few years thanks to its technical community, although operative plans and national strategies are still missing

BIM adoption in Australia and its development is strictly connected with the British example, although autonomy for digital strategies has strengthened in recent years

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