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The BIM Object Library explained Edificius

The BIM Object Library explained

How to use a software integrated BIM Object Library? What are the differences with online BIM object libraries?

In architectural BIM software programs it is generally possible to use 3D objects, hence to design directly in three dimensions.

Differently from what  happens with the CAD, the BIM 3D objects are not just 3D blocks, i.e. unitarian representations of objects.

In a BIM software there are 3D objects that can be customized in their own constituent elements. Therefore, it is possible to create new types of objects or families of objects in an easier way and to use them in a parametric way as well.

Moreover, it is possible to import external BIM objects directly within the BIM digital model that is being designed by downloading them from the internet.  You can  import them from the many archives and online libraries

online BIM Objects Library ACCA software

online BIM Objects Library


that allow objects to easily integrate into your project. You can, for instance download them  from:

Let's see how the integrated BIM objects libraries work  and how to use them in Edificius, the architectural BIM software.

The General Library


The Edificius General Library  contains various types of entities that are integrated in the software and that can be assigned to different projects.

Among the sections present in the  program, we can find Materials and Colours, typologies of Material Layers and Sections, several models of panels and railings, blocks of interior and exterior furniture items.

All the entities present in the Edificius General Library  are not editable, therefore they can be used as models for the objects.

You can access the Libraries to select the models that will subsequently be copied in the Project Library.

After entering the Project Library  you can then start editing your model.

The Project Library


The Edificius integrated Project Library contains the entities used in the project or created by the user.

When creating a new project, the Library is empty. The models selected by the General Library and imported in your project are automatically copied into the Project Library.

In order to edit the object we then access the Project Library.

You can also create new models by defining their characteristics in the properties editor and consequently insert the newly created object in our project.

The User Library


When creating the first BIM project the User Library results empty as well.

You can start creating an archive of entities by copying them from  the General or from the Project Library so to customize the individual objects according to your needs.

You can now proceed to design the new models defining their characteristics so to then use them in your project.

All the objects in the User Library can be accessed anytime for all types of projects.


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