The eco-friendly Svart hotel on the arctic circle by Snøhetta studio

The eco-friendly Svart hotel on the Arctic circle by Snøhetta studio

Built in Norway, the futuristic Svart hotel designed by Snøhetta studio aims at reducing energy consumption and cutting waste

The new hotel named “Svart” has been designed by Snøhetta studio in Norway, just above the Arctic circle, and will be completed in 2023.

This is an innovative project based on eco-sustainable principles applied to an uncontaminated location. In fact, the hotel reduces annual energy consumption of about 85% compared to a modern hotel, but it also produces the energy it uses.

eco-friendly Svart hotel

Snøhetta – Svart hotel suspended above the water and inspired by local architecture

The world’s first Powerhouse hotel was commissioned by Arctic Adventures of Norway, a company operating in the eco-sustainable and naturalistic tourism sector, and built at the foot of the Svartisen glacier in the unspoiled municipality of Meløy in northern Norway.

Svart is the first building to be built after the energy positive “Powerhouse” standard in a Northern climate, producing its own energy. Therefore, an absolute “must” in this precious arctic environment.

Svart hotel by Snøhetta design practice

Snøhetta – Svart hotel in an uncontaminated naturalistic environment

Snøhetta’s founding partner, Kjetil Trædal Thorsen, said:

Building in such a precious environment comes with some clear obligations in terms of preserving the natural beauty and the fauna and flora of the site.

It was important for us to design a sustainable building that will leave a minimal environmental footprint on this beautiful Northern nature.

Building an energy positive and low-impact hotel is an essential factor to create a sustainable tourist destination respecting the unique features of the plot; the rare plant species, the clean waters and the blue ice of the Svartisen glacier.

The Norwegian design practice Snøhetta has been conceived, since its origins, as a “collaborative” architecture and landscape laboratory open to multiple designers and professionals working in a multidisciplinary way.

Studio Snøhetta - the eco-sustainable Svart hotel

Studio Snøhetta – Svart hotel suspended above the water

The ring-shaped building extends from the coast to the foot of Mount Almlifjellet and into the clear waters of the Holandsfjorden fjord. The characteristic shape offers a 360 ° panoramic view of the fjord and a life experience in direct contact with nature.

The stilt construction on which the ring stands is inspired by the local architecture of the “fiskehjell” (wooden structure used to dry fish) and the “rorbue” (a traditional type of seasonal house used by fishermen). The supporting structure of the hotel, built with weather-resistant wooden poles, extends several meters below the surface of the fjord.

The hotel can only be accessed by boat and there are plans to introduce a boat shuttle service powered by renewable energy to connect with the city of Bodø.

Svart hotel by Snøhetta design practice

Snøhetta – Svart hotel nestled within the Arctic circle

The name “Svart”, meaning “black” in Norwegian, is a direct homage to the deep blue ice of the Svartisen glacier. Since the word “black” and “blue” are the same in the Old Norse, the name is a reference to Svartisen’s natural heritage, its precious glacier and its natural surroundings.