Villa Savoye designed with a BIM software Edificius

Villa Savoye designed with a BIM software (part 2)

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Designing Villa Savoye with an Authoring BIM software. Let’s find out how to improve and speed up the entire architectural planning process

In the previous insight newsletter we have seen how the modern approach to a BIM technology  would have facilitated Le Corbusier 's choices in planning Villa Savoye.
Particularly, by using an Authoring BIM software, we have shaped and verified the effects of the first 2 aspects of Le Corbusier's “Five points of modern Architecture” represented in Villa Savoye:

  • Pilotis: slim and slender pylons to raise the building up from the floor creating a continuity with the surrounding ground and spaces, which are covered for the pedestrian walkway and, most of all, allowing the passage of cars (another symbol of modern times) till the building’s ground floor located garages.
  • The free plan: you can identify it from a total lack of load-bearing walls, from a great elasticity in planning internal spaces and from the vertical closures easily held by reinforced concrete frame.


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This time by taking Villa Savoy as a model we will create free facades and  some horizontal windows: 2 of the famous 5 points of Architecture by Le Corbusier.

Horizontal windows and free facade in Villa Savoye

The free facade: having structural functions it expresses the freedom of realizing facades not just masonry generated, but simply starting from a series of horizontal and vertical elements, where the gaps are cladded as desired both with insulating walls and transparent fixtures. This way the architect no longer has structural obligations but functional and aesthetic bonds.


Free facade

The horizontal window:  horizontal strip windows implemented thanks to the façade being free from structural functions. The purpose is providing a higher amount of natural lighting and connection with external spaces.


Horizontal window

Let’s see how to model these two architectural elements using a BIM software.

Designing Villa Savoye free facade with a BIM software

Starting with the structural mesh of the ground floor we can easily create the second order of columns with the software function  'copy by objects'. Taking advantage of the capability of the objects to recognize each other, we position the external facades with precision, and being free from structural characteristics they can be cut through horizontally across their entire extension using the  'Hole' object.

Designing Villa Savoye horizontal window with a BIM software

Directly from the project catalogue we set the window properties: dimension, number of door windows and typology. For each sliding type of door window, we define the opening direction.
After the sizing, we position the 3D model with precision with a simple click. In the end, thanks to the Real Time Rendering, we walk through the interior environments of Villa Savoye and we verify in real time what we have created.

In this article we have showed how it is possible to improve and speed up the design process with Edificius, il the architectural BIM design software. In few simple passages we have seen how to create a free façade and a horizontal window.

In the next publication we will analyze the last one of the ““Five points of modern architecture” by Le Corbusier. Particularly, we will see how to realize Villa Savoye roof garden with a BIM software.


Below we suggest some photorealistic renders of the final results obtained with Edificius.

Learn how to use the architectural design BIM software Edificius. Download and try the Trial version for free!