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Camarines architectural design with a BIM software

Architectural design with a BIM software: Camarines House

The advantages of architectural design with a BIM software: Camarines House. How choices and solutions are dealt with using BIM software? Drawings, video and renderings produced with Edificius

Camarines House is an original and beautiful contemporary residence located in Aravaca, the exclusive neighborhood of the suburbs of Madrid. This detached house occupies a total area of roughly 630 square meters. Designed and built by A-cero, a multidisciplinary architectural, engineering and interior design firm. Is it possible to reproduce this kind of project, generating cross-sections, floor plans, elevation views, and renders with an architectural BIM software?

With Edificiusyou can! Let's see how.

The Architectural organization of Camarines House

The villa is organized on two parallel blocks. These are characterized by long and vertical lines crossing the building, a design feature that is repeated in the rest of the house's volume.

Two imposing vertical wings represent the central axis around which the whole residence is developed. The property is characterized by several cubic volumes that together create a harmonious composition. This balanced game of volumes also gives it its contemporary and abstract look.

Between these two vertical wings, that seem to indicate an architectural path, the entrance to the main area and the living area, comes into the scene. This opens up into a large open-space kitchen, dining and living area. The interior spaces are very functional and organized in different blocks with large and bright spaces.

On the other side of the floor there is a more reserved area, the sleeping area. This consists of four large bedrooms. At ground floor there are 3 bathrooms. A very large one serving the living area, while the other two are adjacent to the bedrooms.

Between the living area and the sleeping area, a sculptural designed staircase, leads upstairs.

This is where the master bedroom is located with its attached walk-in closet and bathroom.

The upper floor, grants access to an extensive studio and library.

How material and color choices characterize an architectural project

From a choices of shapes and colors point of view, the colour contrast becomes obvious. The exterior spaces give a sense of uniformity and fluidity while interior environments are characterized by different choices of materials and styles.

The entire villa is covered with a layer of white and rough plaster that highlight the essence of the harmonious architectural lines.

White color externally covers the entire house, allowing light reflections: a refined design between traditional and modern creates a perfect fusion between the building container and its contents.

To distinguish the different floors, for example, the Macael white marble pavement was chosen for the ground floor, while the first floor is characterised by a traditional parquet floor.

The re-modelling of Camarines House with a BIM software

Let's proceed in defining the exterior walls of the building by using the rapid floor plan import feature in ".dwg" (or ".dxf") CAD file formats.

After completing the floor plan import process, we can easily place the various elements such as pillars, beams, perimeter walls, staircases, slabs, doors, windows, etc.

The materials used for this project re-proposal, were taken from the Edificius BIM Objects Library.

An enormous collection of ready to use objects and materials to produce highly realistic project representations. The BIM Object Library contains tens of thousands of free resources (Textures, CAD Blocks, 3D Models, etc) to enhance design capabilities while increasing productivity.

As you can see in the video, the Edificius BIM software allows yo to seamlessly integrate architecture and landscape design too. A dedicated BIM environment for designing gardens and outdoor spaces where you can easily rebuild the surveyed situation, easily model the terrain, dynamically compare the land survey and design stages and even calculate all earthworks related data (cut & fill), including volumes and surfaces.

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