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Architectural Design with BIM software: San Roque House

Here's the spectacular video together with example illustrations of how the Architectural BIM Design process of San Roque House was approached with Edificius

This week we'll be taking a look at how this modern residence was re-modelled using an Architectural BIM Design software. We'll also be seeing the architectural aspects of San Roque House in detail using the Edificius BIM software.
Designed by Architect Bruno Armando Gomes Marques, San Roque House is located in Oliveira de Azeméis, more precisely in Sao Roque, Portugal.
Characterized by modern, harmonious lines and its large volumes that extend over a land plot of over 600 m². A very particular structure because of its two overlaying and slightly dis-aligned volumes, with contrasting colours; dark grey at ground floor and bright white at first floor.

San Roque House and its interior spaces

At ground floor, starting from quite an irregular floor plan layout, the living area rooms and environments are located. The main entrance, found on the short side of the building, opens into a large hall where a stylish wooden stairs leads to the upper floor and down to the garage.
The dining area together with a spacious lounge are illuminated by a fully glazed front enclosure that also provides direct access to the garden equipped with a heated swimming pool.
Without doubt, one of the most attractive aspects is the contrast between the room's bright white colours and the parquet's charming warm color, surrounded by the wooden doors and the extra wood panelling along the perimeter.
The kitchen is characterized by a central island and a fully glazed wall faces the front entrance.
On the opposite side, a large bedroom coupled with a bathroom and accessories watches over the pool area.
The building's first floor is accessed through a modern concrete staircase equipped with steel and glass railing.
The upper floor is very much more articulated. In fact, it has a particular off-setted "Y" shape configuration with respect to the ground floor. This area accomodates 3 bedrooms and a bathroom with a stunning outside view, formed out of the two sides of the "Y".

The basement floor has a large garage and a useful laundry room. From outside, these areas are accessed by means of a pathway and a concrete stair.

Architectural design with BIM software: the San Roque house project re-modelled with Edificius

Let's see the amazing re-modelling process of "San Roque house" using Edificius.

The video demonstrates the great ease and the speed with which we can address architectural design and modelling with BIM software.
The external arrangements were easily managed using the Edificiusterrain modelling environment. Simple to use objects, such as the swimming pool, are inserted in just a few steps. By just tracing the perimeter, the object is automatically built up with its walls, the bottom slabs, High Definition textures and moving water.
The entire building is quickly modelled in both 2D and 3D view by importing ".dwg" and ".dxf" CAD drawings used as a reference for automatic entity recognition. Doors, walls and windows are inserted and positioned in a matter of a few minutes.
The BIM Objects Library editor also allow you to create and customize windows, doors, railings, etc. to cover specific design needs and to make the project even more realistic.

The BIM Objects Library and Edificius RTBIM

Even interior design aspects are covered in great detail with a multitude of objects and models that can be chosen from the Edificius catalogue, the online catalogue or imported from other standard file formats.

Furthermore, thanks to the advanced Edificius RTBIMreal time rendering features, architects and designer's can use the program's realistic viewing environemnt to check out design and material solutions or create video presentations for their clients.


With Edificius RTBIM anyone can produce amazing photo-realistic renderings with a simple click of a button together with emotional HD videos. The seamless integration with SketchUp also gives extra flexibility to push realism even further with detailed 3D Models.
Edificius also shows how the bill of quantities aspects are fully embedded in the PriMus Estimating environment that deals with keeping all economical aspects continuously updated with the BIM model.


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