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Architectural design with a BIM software: Country House in Marfino_Edificius

Architectural design using a BIM software: Country House in Marfino

Let's discover the great potential of architectural design using a BIM software in terms of productivity by seeing how the "Country House" Project by Alexandra Fedorova was completely remodelled with Edificius

Nowadays architectural design can only be an integrated design: it has to be able to mediate between technological requirements and buildings' formal features so as to ensure functional and aesthetic results.

All these design-related aspects and phases must be addressed by a multidisciplinary team, which should always have a clear goal: achieving the final result by respecting the client's guidelines and desires. This is the only way to turn ideas into buildings which are structurally flawless and capable of arousing emotions.

“Architecture is a work of art, a phenomenon that arouses emotions, far from building problems, beyond them.
Buildings are to support: Architecture is to move.” (Le Corbusier)

This is Alexandra Fedorova's goal in designing and building a country house in Marfino, near Moscow.

Architectural design of a single-family house

The single-family house built in Marfino intends to be, as much as possible, an integrated and integrating part of the surrounding environment. The Moscow architect wanted to enhance the green all around the house, turning it into the project's key concept.

Large open spaces welcome the house's guests right from the entrance, where the bright open-space, with double height ceilings, never conveys the feeling of entering a closed space.

The “L” shaped building, which surrounding the garden, consists of two raised-ground floors, accomodating the living and sleeping areas, and a basement floor.

The living area's large windows convey a feeling of continuity with the outside environment. This is an essential aspect for the cold Russian countryside, where winter cold temperatures do not allow to enjoy exterior spaces throughout the whole year.

Accessible from the relax area provided with a hammam and changing rooms, the swimming pool too has a window that overlooks the garden.
On the ground floor we also find two guests bedrooms, with their own private bathrooms.

From the open space an overhanging staircase leads to the first floor, where we find the main bedroom with a large walk-in closet and a private bathroom. From the opposite side, besides two bathroom-equipped bedrooms, we also have a living room.

Finally, the basement floor accomodates a storage area, a play area and another pool with sauna.

How to design a country house with a BIM software

The BIM software for architectural design we used to reproduce the Country House Project in Marfino is Edificius.
When designing with Edificius, you need to start from setting exterior areas by means of terrain modelling tools. Several funtionalities are available, including contour lines, terrain handling, etc.

You then have to set the building's exterior walls, taking advantage of the possibility to import “.dwg” (or “.dxf”) format plans.
Once you execute the import, you can insert various elements or blocks, such as columns, beams, perimeter walls, partitions, doors, fixtures, etc., into your architectural drawing.

After setting each element's features, you can proceed to choose the materials you want.
For this purpose you can use the textures and 3D block available in the BIM Objects Library which contains tens of thousands of free resources (precisely Textured, CAD Blocks, 3D Models) to help you design better and faster.

Once you finish the model, you can generate photorealistic and appealing renders with the default settings. Moreover, thanks to the Real Time Rendering environment, you can create impressive breath-taking videos showing those views considered as particularly interesting for the client.

Finally, with Edificius you can also create the sections and elevations you will insert, together with the renders, into the drawing models to submit to your clients.

Country House in Marfino: elevations

Country House in Marfino: sections

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