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Casa Roncero residence modeled with a BIM

The “Casa Roncero” residence modeled with a BIM software for architecture

The famous Casa Roncero residence modeled with a BIM software. A project created by the ALT Arquitectura design firm: video and renderings produced with Edificius

Casa Roncero. San Sebastian de losReyes, Madrid.

"The force of gravity has always been with us. It molds and transforms our habitat. Some say that architecture is a force of gravity. But man, through his immagination and creativity, has the power to go against all this.".

From this basic idea, comes Roncero House. A residence of San Sebastian de losReyes, in Madrid, designed by architect Ángel Luis Tendero Martín, better known as Alt arquitectura.
In this home, ideas have been experimented that link topology, spatial delimitation and the feeling of absence of gravity.

Topology of Casa Roncero

Casa Roncero rises on a large, steep and rectangular slope. Access from the main road is on one of its short sides.
To optimize the area and use up the maximum amount of space for the the garden, the designers decided to give the building a long and tight shape to the villa body. They also align it along the longer side of the land plot.
This consequently led to creating two levels, each one with their own access: the upper one for vehicles and the lower one for pedestrians.

Casa Roncero - North - West elevation

Looking on from the main road, gives the feeling that the building follows the terrain profile merging with its topology, with only the two blocks at the two extremities that seem to emerge from the perimeter wall.

The Spatial delimitation of Casa Roncero

Looking from outside, the structure doesn't give away any spatial references, lines and materials hide the real volumes, giving the feeling that the structure is open inside.

The volumetric configuration has been designed to deceive the structural meaning of this unique construction by nearly defying the laws of physics.

Casa Roncero - Elevation views

Casa Roncero - Elevation views

Contemplating these large and heavy concrete masses, without adequate evidence of how they are supported, generates a strange but pleasant feeling. Having no structural references is as if something magical is taking place... What is heavy, seems to suddenly become light.

Inside Casa Roncero, a large glass skylight creates the feeling of being outside, giving even greater lightness to the staircase that leads upstairs.
Movement and interaction with the continuous variation of solar lighting makes every moment and every position seem like a unique living experience.

Antigravity: Casa Roncero

Even the two floors differ to each other for the opposite and concordant emotions that they generate.

Casa Roncero - Elevation views

Casa Roncero - Elevation views

The fluidity of the upper floor, given by lines and the uniformity of the reinforced concrete elements, is dematerialized with the lower floor. Thanks to the shiny stainless steel exterior finishes, the shapes and colors used in the garden are reflected. Guests get the perception of being accompanied from outside to inside the house with nature all around.

Casa Roncero wants to make you feel emotional through conflicting feelings. The boundaries disappear, the interiors blend dynamically with the exterior and anything that seems heavy, becomes light.

Casa Roncero modeled with a BIM software: Edificius

To create the project of Casa Roncero with the Edificius BIM software, you can begin by defining the external areas, using the terrain modeling tools. There are several features, including contour line and contour plan definition, together with the earthworks and landscaping objects or thanks to the Google Maps® Importer, even locate the area to import the Map satellite imagery and terrain profile.

The BIM model was completed by starting off from floor plan definition using traditional 2D CAD drawings as a reference to trace upon. In this case, instead of simply inserting BIM objects freely, the software allows you to import the floor plans in the ".dwg" (or ".dxf") file formats let the software do the rest of the work by automatically detecting wall dimensions and fixture positions, or even add beams and columns directly on the CAD file. This procedure significantly speeds up the modelling process.

By choosing materials and 3D Models from the BIM Objects Library, you can easily define the details. It will be enhanced when passing on to producing renders and project illustrations.

With the Real Time rendering directly integrated in the Edificius software you can modify assess design solutions with great flexibility and the capability to verify the result in real time.

Click here to download Edificius, the 3D terrain modeling software