understand more about a BIM software for architecture Marbella II

How can we understand more about a BIM software for architecture

How can we understand more about a BIM software for architecture and the core functionalities more rapidly?
The 3D remodeling of the Villa Marbella II project to discover the potential of Edificius

Architecture has always had a constant relationship with graphic visualization, understood as something other than simple floor plans or diagrams. If the technical drawings describe the functional requirements of a building, the more visual and artistic designs convey an impression of the building together with its general requirements and evermore fundamental to the construction cycle.

Rendering with a BIM software

Renders are produced for various reasons, in most cases, commissioned at the initial stages of design competitions or project briefs, to give the customer a first idea of the architect's vision. Later on, they can be produced to illustrate volumes or perspectives showing that a new building is well adapted and harmonized with the surrounding environment. As a window of the present projected towards the future.

This concept is even more valid for real time rendering as it lends itself to this feature as a trye design support tool. In fact, in a real-time rendering view, you can assess design choices and solutions and see to what extent these impact on the buyer's taste and preferences.

All these features are an integral part of the Edificius 3D BIM software for architectural design.

To make the most of this potential, we'll import the .dwg CAD files of the Marbella II project by the A-cero architectural design firm based in Madrid.

The Marbella II architectural design

The residence is located on the outskirts of Puerto Banús, one of the most exclusive and fashionable spots on the Costa del Sol, just a few miles from Marbella.

This area, currently undergoing intensive development, is located on a ridge of a hill very close to the coast, flooded with typical Mediterranean vegetation.

The plot where the residence is located has an important slope that goes down south towards the main access road. This morphological aspect greatly determined the house's design having to adapt it to the context, in order to guarantee the fantastic view of the Mediterranean Sea.


An elevation view produced with Edificius

An elevation view produced with Edificius

Rendering has allowed designers and contractors to see the real effect of architectural choices and materials so as to make sure the owner's wishes can come true.

The potential of a BIM software for architectural design

Thanks to Edificius and the features of a BIM software with Real-Time Rendering, we can reproduce every aspect of the project starting with the full power of a 2D CAD and native 3D DWG software, you can get a precise topographic land survey directly from Google Maps.

With a single software you can address both architectural and external spaces design, such as the stoned pathway with geometric shapes that crosses the water leading to the front door.