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JC House project remodelled with the Edificius BIM software

The JC House project remodelled with the Edificius BIM software

Designing a villa with a BIM software. Here's an example of the JC House project remodelled with the Edificius BIM software with renders and videos.

A modern three-storey residence with particular geometric shapes characterized by rectangles and trapeziums: this is JC House, a project developed by the JPS Atelier  architectural design firm.
This residence is situated on one of the highest points in Oeiras, Portugal, with a view of the Tagus River and the Atlantic Ocean.
Positioned on a trapezoidal slope that, instead of being an obstacle, has given it an even more creative and distinctive design. Note also how the perimeter fence is aligned with the surrounding terrain slope.

JC House - Architectural Space Organization

JC House is characterized by its modern and distinctive appearance where the nature of the terrain and the needs of the client have created an original design: 2 main volumes scaled and perfectly aligned with the boundaries of the site, that bring a unique sense of dynamism to the home but also an efficient shelter from the northwest winds.

Side Elevation View of JC HOUSE

Taking advantage of its geographic location, in fact, the house completely faces south with large glazed surfaces and balconies with breathtaking views.
The ground floor accomodates a living room area composed of minimal elements (not crowded with useless furniture) and a combination of wooden flooring, white plaster for vertical elements and a strong use of transparent elements and large windows.

JC Ground_Floor

JC Ground Floor

To emphasize the open-space with the large living area, the designers added an open wooden and steel staircase and a kitchen area featuring a peninsula connected to one side of the wall and an outside view.
There is also a bedroom overlooking the outdoor space and the pool together with a small study area and a bathroom with a wooden floor and a white bathtub.

First floor plan of JC HOUSE

First floor plan of JC HOUSE

The first floor is dedicated to the sleeping area with a large double bedroom, a bathroom and a walk-in closet, and 2 other bedrooms with ensuite facilities and a triangular shaped terrace.
The basement accomodates a garage and other technical services rooms.

Basement floor plan of JC HOUSE

Basement floor plan of JC HOUSE

House JC designed with BIM Edificius software

Here's a sequence of renders produced with the Edificius BIM software.

A BIM software dedicated to architectural design together with the Edificius RTBIM - Real Time Rendering feature - definitely allows you to create videos like the one shown below but also allows the designer to continuously simulate his design choices and the effects of lighting and materials in a more natural and realistic manner. A great advantage in terms of productivity because different solutions can be tested in Real Time and without having to waste endless hours for static renders to be generated.

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