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ACCA software online training courses: let’s discover the new platform

ACCA software has increased the number of new online training courses and updated the technical support with new contents to help you get to grips with software solutions even faster!

The training offered by ACCA software is now enriched with new online contents to support the use and learning of software solutions that are available on the new training platform for all users.

This training platform is part of an integrated and free technical support system, where you can take advantage of:

  • technical support, to learn the software use directly with the help of a technical expert
  • forum discussions, to know more about the software aspects shared with ACCA software global network of users
  • video tutorials, to learn all of the software functions with simple to follow videos.


ACCA software training: the platform learning experience

All video-courses, which are available 24 hours online, can be accessed anywhere and from any device. Additionally, courses are designed to increase performance and learner engagement.

By/When Accessing this platform you can benefit of the following contents:

  • a short software presentation to show you how easy it is to use ACCA software solutions
  • a quick starter course, to discover the basic elements of the software, with lessons designed for progressive learning with minimum effort and to be immediately operational in a quick and correct way.

An example of the new ACCA software training program with Edificius

Amongst other things, you can access Edificius Training page to attend free training courses on the use of BIM for 3D architectural design.

In the dedicated section there is a short course presentation, a 2-hour quick starter course.



 To whom are Edificius courses addressed?

Courses are addressed to students, academics and professionals that want to be updated on BIM methodology applied to architectural design to find out more about the advantages that they can obtain from adopting it.

Most importantly, courses can be attended both by clients and by users that intend to first test the product. In this latter case, we suggest to either install the software Trial or Educational version so you can practise during the course.

Click here to download and try the 30-day free Trial version of Edificius, the 3D architectural BIM design software




Click here to access the ACCA software training courses portal