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Cloud security services: the importance of CSA STAR and ISO 27001

Cloud security services: the importance of CSA STAR and ISO 27001

CSA STAR registry is increasingly required for the certification of the highest levels of cloud security services and an alternative to the ISO 27001 certification

With the significant growth of cloud computing and increase in data use, more organizations of all sizes are moving to cloud-based security services while facing the need to secure sensitive data stored in the cloud, as well as investigate and implement cloud security options. Several cloud security standards are available to support this attempt.

To certify the security and reliability of cloud services, users, especially public administrations, are now increasingly relying on “third party” organizations that qualify their security levels.

One of the most popular information security standards in existence of cloud services is ISO 27001 which certifies the existence of some specific requirements for management of information security at a global level

The International Organization for Standardization-ISO is, in fact, the most important organization in the world that develops and publishes international technical standards.

Obtaining the ISO 27001 certification, however, requires such specific requirements, that only some technology “giants” possess at international level. This is why Cloud Security Alliance – STAR (Security Trust Assurance and Risk) Program represents a valid alternative.

Cloud-based service security

Most common Cloud security certification systems

Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)

Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is a world-leading organization, which includes Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Huawei, and many other prestigious companies in the technology industry.

CSA’s core mission is to develop and promote the best practices necessary to ensure a secure cloud computing environment.

CSA combines the skills of the best professionals, associations, governments and companies in this sector to develop everything related to cloud security, in terms of:

  • research;
  • training;
  • certifications;
  • events and conferences;
  • development of specific products.

CSA’s activities, knowledge and vast relationships network are at the service of the entire community that takes advantage of the cloud, from suppliers to customers, governments, entrepreneurs and the insurance sector, providing indispensable support through which the various parties can work together to create and maintain a reliable cloud ecosystem.

The CSA registry for leading cloud computing companies

CSA manages the most famous register of cloud security service providers, the CSA Security, Trust & Assurance Registry (STAR), a system that can be accessed after passing a detailed self-assessment questionnaire on three levels.

usBIM.platform, CSA and data security

usBIM.platform, the collaboration platform for data sharing with integrated applications to manage the BIM model completely in IFC-Open BIM format, that has been developed by ACCA software, offers the highest levels of security and it is already registered in the Cloud Security Alliance STAR program: this absolutely guarantees high safety standards!

Here are the details.

cloud security services - CSA STAR certification


Click here to access to the registry self-assessment referring to usBIM.platform