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How to create a 3D project with a BIM software: the Altabrisa 24 house case study

How to create a 3D project with a BIM software: how were the details to reproduce Altabrisa House 24 made. A Mexican contemporary style residence.

Today we're going to analyze the design choices adopted with an architectural BIM software for the remodelling of a single-family house.
The project was selected because it draws attention to its orientation and definition of spaces.

Designing with a BIM software: contextualization of Altabrisa House 24

Altabrisa House 24, conceived by the "Arquidecture Group" design firm, is located in Merida, in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. This is a residence with a strong modern style that covers an area of ​​about 7,650m².

Great attention was paid to defining the interior spaces dedicated to daily activities, with a constant reference to local cultural and environmental models, by implementing outdoor areas and terraces; often used as recurring elements in historical Yucatan architecture, and characterized by small gardens in enclosed spaces.

Real Time rendering and high quality 3D textures

With a Real Time Rendering environment, fully integrated within the BIM software, you're actually able to see how your design choices appear real time. The use of BIM objects with HD quality features (3D textures), create the superb high quality visually realistic result.

Project characteristics using the Edificius BIM software

Orientation, environmental characteristics, and above all, functional differentiation for each area, are the fundamental elements of the Altabrisa project.

Its spaces are defined according to the different daily activities of its inhabitants: spaces that promote coexistence, social life and other uses for the family business, with an intelligent division into two main areas, social and family.

The social area is spread out using a multi-purpose common space, a contemplative garden that opens onto the terrace, swimming pool, lounge bar and a spacious lounge where you can spend your free time in full independence from the rest of the house.

A plan view of Casa Altabrisa 24

A plan view of Casa Altabrisa 24

The family area is formed of a stone wall that extends onto the terrace and marks the entrance. It then developes on 2 levels with 5 bedrooms, three upstairs and two downstairs.

These 2 areas are articulated inside through the kitchen, a real hub for the distribution of spaces that give life to the residence itself. It also has direct access from the garage without having to go through the social area.

Great attention was paid to thermal insulation and solar orientation, with the use of double insulated walls with an intermediate layer of polystyrene and a careful orientation of the surfaces for both the sun and wind, with shielding systems to prevent excessive heat buildup indoors minimizing the use of cooling systems.

BIM 5D: in Edificius, the construction estimating aspects are all integrated

The final result achieved with Edificius is tremendous. We can see how you can automatically produce a dynamic cost estimate from the BIM model in a seamless integration process with PriMus. In fact, this means that whenever there's a change in the model, there's also a change in the corresponding cost estimate. All objects, their geometries and design aspects are all linked up to a quantity and cost. Further construction estimating functions can be accessed with PriMus, the most widely used construction estimating and bill of quantities software in Italy.

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