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Creating a corner window with a BIM software Edificius

Creating a corner window with a BIM software

How to create a corner window using an architectural BIM design software: video and render of the “Volumes Symphony” project

Choosing the architectural elements that constitute a building’s curtain wall is an essential aspect of any design phase. Such elements, indeed, represent a designer’s style, which is unique and personal.

There are several aspects a designer has to take into account when deciding to create a curtain wall. Corner windows are an interesting solution for those who intend to obtain visual continuity between interior and exterior spaces, without any interruptions at the corners.

By adopting a corner window, the visual connection between interior and exterior spaces is even more imediate. The same solution can be used in an attic room to create continuity between the wall and roof, thus making the best of those areas characterized by reduced height. In such a context, the ideal solution is the combination of a roof window and a vertical element.

How to create a corner window with a BIM software

With an architectural BIM design software, we can easily model our curtain wall and enrich it with architectural elements. Here’s how the “Volumes Symphony” project, developed by the multidisciplinary design firm A-cero from Madrid, was reproduced and modelled with the Edificius BIM software.

We can, for example, create a corner window where two differently featured fixtures cross: a French window and a glass facade supported by a wall.

Here are the 3 main steps involved when designing a corner window:



Step 1

Draw the window’s shape by means of the vertical envelope object. Click here to learn more about the envelope object.

Step 2

Insert the strip window and the French window on the previously drawn envelope by using the magnetic Snaps.

Step 3

Draw the upper part of the corner window so as to close the room perimeter.

Here are some renders of the final result: a corner window without masonry elements at the corners.