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Planning an external swimming pool with a BIM Edificius

Planning an external swimming pool with a BIM software: the Nahil Kan example

How can we insert and reproduce an external swimming pool in a facility without a garden? The paved sunny roof example for the Nahil Kan project

Internal spaces characteristics along with their measurement and their arrangement are frequently taken in big consideration when planning or developing a building. However, there is an additional element to consider not just from its functional aspect: the roof.

The roof can represent a supplementary environment with different yet important features in support of everyday life’s activities.

Having an entire facility or just the last floor available you can plan adjustments so to get a terrace or a swimming pool.

After this introduction, we will reproduce in detail the solution realized by the architect Hugo Mur for the Nahil Kan project using a BIM software for the architectural planning.

Planning a roof swimming pool

The Nahil Kan project contemplates a residential complex made of 4 factory bodies and a front body for commercial usage. The building, standing on pile-dwellings, is extended on 4 floors.

On the last floor, at the roof height, a swimming pool with an elegant design will be realized according to the architectural plan.

Nahil Kan swimming pool view Edificius

Swimming pool view

As we can see from the plan below the swimming pool structure is suspended between the two central blocks of the residential complex.

Plan of Nahil Kan building

Nahil Kan building plan

At the two pool edges there are some architectural elements such as curved beams that feature the facade of the building and, at the same time, offer a pleasant sun screen.

Nahil Kan swimming pool detail Edificius

Swimming pool detail

The pool location offers a 360° panoramic view of the surrounding environment.
To provide higher protection, some steel and glass railings are installed along the pool perimeter.

Railings and Nahil Kan swimming pool location Edificius

Railings and swimming pool location


The direct access to the roof is provided by the two central blocks that lead to the several floors through walkaways and a steel stairs structure.

Nahil Kan swimming pool stairs and walkaways Edificius

Swimming pool stairs and walkaways


The swimming pool planning with Edificius

Let’s see how to model a swimming pool on a paved sun roof with the architectural planning software Edificius.

From the side menu we select the “roof” level and through the guide line use we retrieve the snap points where to insert the “floor slab”objects.

We will very easily create steps to access the tub when assigning different width to each one of them.

Nahil Kan floor slab Edificius

Floor slab


To make the entire procedure faster we select the floor slab objects that form the access steps to copy them and subsequently mirror them on the adjacent block.

Let’s proceed inserting vertical building envelopes by assigning the heights and the elevations that are going to define the shape of the suspended pool. We will then build up the modifiable at times steps with the floor slab object that will end up at the bottom of the pool.

Let’s insert the detail elements such as railings and extrusions. With the aid of guiding points we can correctly insert the extrusion that will go along the pool edge.

After this operation, we will insert the architectural railing element with the option that allows to easily select the necessary number of railing columns.

In the end, we apply the appropriate materials in high definition available on the  Edificius BIM object library.

The parameters of such materials can be modified according to specific needs.

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