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C-House project remodelled with an architectural BIM design software

The C-House project remodelled with an architectural BIM design software

BIM and architecture: The C-House project remodelled with an architectural BIM design software. Renders and 3D video of the project details

BIM software solutions are definitely becoming ever more popular in the design and construction world. Recent software technologies have also contributed to making these tools easier to use and to understand and integration and interoperability with other software, are just some of the key aspects that are accelerating growth in this particular field.

Even those that don’t exactly understand the great potential that lies behind these advanced integrated design tools can appreciate them through the works of many professionals that have decided to share their experiences. This time, it’s the case of the C-House project, completely re-modelled with a BIM software for architecture.

BIM and architecture, the C-House home design

The C-House project in Timisoara – Romania, created by Parasite Studios, is a true example of modern residential construction.
Its construction is characterized by simple volumes highlighted by contrasting black and white colors. The white color reveals the horizontal and vertical volume dynamics, while the dark shades have the role of a visual catalyst towards the various openings.

C-House - East elevation view

C-House – West elevation view

C-House - West elevation view

C-House – East elevation view

view of C-House Section A - Edificius

C-House – Section A – Edificius

view of C-House Section B - Edificius

C-House – Section B – Edificius


The various façades have different evolutions, depending on their orientation:
• The main facade faces east along the road and is characterized by its horizontality;
• The West facade offers a large view of the inner courtyard equipped with a pool.


C House - Ground floor plan in Edificius

C House – Ground floor plan in Edificius BIM


The building develops mainly across ground floor where there is a large open space living room, with direct access to the pool and the surrounding garden through large windows.
A modern kitchen with a view of the garden and two bedrooms also characterizes the ground floor. The sleeping area is separated from the living area by a passage that visually controls the living area.

Moving upstairs, the volume here is lower than the ground floor. Much of the space is occupied by three bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. The rest of the surface is covered with a terrace incapsulating breath-taking views of the surrounding landscape.
Looking at the interior furniture choices, again we have the same contrast between black and white colours, with prevailing white on walls and stairs, while the floor is of a natural warm wood.

Outside, a detached structure, separate from the main body accommodates a kitchen-living room, a bedroom and a bathroom. The leisure area and swimming pool are located in the sunny part of the vast garden surrounding the entire house.

Edificius and how the “C House” project was modelled.

The video shows how the “C House” project was re-modelled in the Edifcius BIM software for the architecture, a solution that allows the user to get to grips with the most advanced BIM design tools in an easy to use working environment.
The initial modelling stages are very quick thanks to the “.dwg” or “.dxf” CAD file import used as a reference for generating walls, doors and windows automatically.
The various elements, together with structural members can be inserted in an intuitive manner. Elements such as:

• pillars
• beams
• perimeter walls
• drainage systems
• slabs
• doors
• windows
• stairs
• furniture
• various other objects
Interior design is very detailed, thanks to highly-defined textures and materials, and the powerful Library Object editors, which allow you to create and customize all of the various BIM objects such as windows, doors, railings, etc.

The program adds extra modelling flexibility with a direct SketchUp integration (3D graphics modeling application) for adding or editing architectural details for enriching the project making it as realistic as possible.

With the project completed in all its relevant design aspects, the next step is to produce photo-realistic renderings. Simply position the point of view (camera) at the desired point, thanks to the Edificius RTBIM advanced real-time rendering environment that also produces HD animations of the project.

With advanced real-time rendering features, you can check and, if necessary, correct any design choices and also create eye-catching presentations for your customers.

Here are a selection of renders produced with Edificius and its real time visual effects tool.



Click here to downlaod Edificius, the architectural BIM design software