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ACCA at the Esri User Conference in California

usBIM.geotwin set to take center stage at the upcoming ESRI User Conference, the world’s largest GIS conference scheduled in San Diego from July 10th to 14th, 2023.

We have already discussed about the benefits of integrating GIS and BIM and how it represents a true revolution for the design and construction of buildings and infrastructure. With each individual project immersed in its real surrounding context combined with the the ability to control and plan all effects on the territory and evaluate social, economic, and environmental aspects. We also highlighted the many advantages that concern the built environment, including design and maintenance processes alike.

Public administrations, including large service and maintenance companies, regional and public entities together with design studios, are highly focussed on this kind of data integration and the fascinating scenarios it can generate. By surpassing the typical divisions between BIM-GIS workflows, this new technology unveils novel and remarkably great opportunities for BIM and GIS stakeholders.

On one side, the Esri network provides GIS data and technologies to support the BIM process, while on the other side, partners provide content, solutions, and services to help clients achieve the benefits of integrating GIS and BIM leveraging the IFC format.

ACCA at the Esri User Conference

ACCA will participate with its own exhibition space and deliver speeches at the new edition of the ESRI User Conference in San Diego, California, from July 10th to 14th, 2023. The main focus will be on usBIM.geotwin, born from the dynamic connection between ACCA’s usBIM platform (a Common Data Environment) and Esri Italia’s ArcGIS® technology.
After participating in the ESRI Italia Conference in Rome last May, ACCA now takes part in the world’s largest event dedicated to geographic information systems technology.

The event is titled: “GIS, creating the world you want to see.”

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