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ACCA wins the BuildingSMART International Awards 2019

ACCA wins the prestigious “buildingSMART International Awards 2019” held in Beijing, the program that awards valuable projects developed using buildingSMART solutions

The official award ceremony “buildingSMART international Standards Summit 2019” was held on the 28th October at the China National Convention Center in Beijing.



The Building SMART International Awards go to the best companies that have developed projects with Open BIM solutions for the design, planning, construction and management of resources in the construction field; this annual prize is therefore a recognition of the extraordinary work accomplished on real case study projects that adopt and use BIM standards and solutions.

ACCA software, standard member of buildingSMART international, has won first prize in thePROFESSIONAL & STUDENT RESEARCH” category  with the ‘Structural E-Permit‘ (STR.E.PE) project.


The ACCA delegation in Beijing led by CEO Guido Cianciulli


Structural E-permit, the winning project

Structural E-permit is a research project aimed at delivering an Open BIM model with all the relevant information necessary for a competent authority to issue a specific building permit/qualification. All information is conveyed through open and standard formats, allowing project validation Authorities to automatically obtain a consistency check with respect to specific regulations and codes directly from the information present in the model.

This means that, for example, a Civil Engineers Department could issue a seismic authorization with a series of automatic seismic checks, with a whole series of advantages, including speeding up procedures and increasing safety.


Structural E-permit BIM


Structural E-Permit, the project partners

The actors involved in the Structural E-Permit project in collaboration with ACCA software, which had a coordinating role and developed the software and the platforms as project’s backbone, are:

  • Campania Region – Naples – Italy: Primary administrative body that indirectly participates in research experimentation through provincial and municipal bodies;
  • University of Naples Federico II – Faculty of Engineering – Department of Dist Structures – Naples – Italy: Member of Building Smart Italia – Scientific partner of the project;
  • Civil Engineering of Avellino – Avellino – Italy: Body responsible for the control and archiving of the structural project and seismic verification;
  • Municipality of Montemarano – Province of Avellino – Italy: Public client of a new school building structural project used as a case study to implement the project.

ACCA wins the BuildingSMART International Awards 2019


buildingSMART International Awards 2019 in Beijing


China National Convention Center – Beijing

Although in the process of continuous promotion of BIM around the world, even the adoption and implementation of BIM in China is constantly improving. The evidence of this can be found in the large and important BIM projects that have been carried out in the country in recent years in various sectors: construction, transport, electricity, etc.

The 2019 Beijing Summit brought together BIM experts from around the world and hundreds of Chinese and non-Chinese companies linked to BIM, allowing them to explore topics related to Open BIM workflows and advanced digital technologies. It was a great opportunity for the “hosting” country to show the results achieved in the adoption of BIM and digital construction workflows, to promote communication and facilitate potential international cooperation.


Here’s the complete list of the various finalists:

    • ACCA software – “Structural E-Permit’”
    • National University of Singapore – “IFC2CityGML”
    • Singular AG – “Singular Model Checker”
    • Technical University of Munich – “Multi-LOD Requirements Manager”.

ACCA has been the winner in its category beating hundreds of important projects, such as three finalist projects, “IFC2CityGML” by the National University of Singapore, the “Singular Model Checker” by Singular AG, “Multi-LOD Requirements Manager by the Technical University of Munich.