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buildingSMART and BIM and Digital Award two important awards to ACCA software

buildingSMART and BIM & Digital Award: two important awards to ACCA software

ACCA software, the company with the mission to make BIM easy for everyone, is now officially a buildingSMART International member and also awarded with the “BIM&Digital Award” in the “BIM Initiative of the Year” category at the Bologna SAIE 2018 event

During the SAIE 2018 trade fair, one of the largest expos in the Italian construction sector, ACCA software received this important and prestigious international recognition.

The innovative software company, currently one of the main role players in the digital transformation of the building industry, is now a “standard member” of buildingSMART International.


With the largest number of IFC certified software solutions in the world, ACCA software confirms its place as a leading company both in the construction sector and the evolution of the BIM world, becoming part of the organization that operates worldwide to spread Open BIM and the IFC standard.

buildingsSMART and ACCA software’s main objective is to promote the adoption of the standard format ensuring seamless data interoperability and exchange within the BIM workflow, guaranteeing security and avoiding loss of information.

IFC-Chart-EN - 2D Data exchange between professional roles and BIM interoperability

BIM initiative of the year” and ACCA software awarded for “PriMus BIM ONE”

The second edition of the international BIM & Digital Awards was presented by Digital & BIM Italia at the 2018 SAIE building and construction event. For the second year in a row, following the 2017 success with usBIM platform, this year PriMus, the cost estimating software, has been awarded for the new “BIM ONE” version.

PriMus has been an industry leading solution for the past 25 years and is the most widespread and used cost estimating software among Italian construction industry professionals and now also appreciated by users around the world, having brought unprecedented advantages to its users and become a technological standard in this sector.

BIM&Digital Award initiative of the year

BIM Initiative of the Year” rewards new ways of working in BIM to make design, construction and maintenance of building assets more efficient. Initiatives can include software development, collaborative and innovative tools and processes, data management.

The objective of this category and contest is to share knowledge on projects and works that are based on digital innovation, particularly with regard to BIM, with the aim to make design, construction and maintenance processes more efficient and to improve overall performance in the Design to Build workflow.

Other rewards have been recognized to companies and start-ups that have participated in promoting new digital tools that make quantity surveying, drafting and design, implementation and maintenance processes more effective, especially with regard to heritage and restoration projects operating within a BIM environment.