buildingSMART International top management hosted by ACCA software in Italy

buildingSMART International visits ACCA software in Italy: the video

buildingSMART International top managers meet ACCA software for a series of discussions on the topic of BIM, openBIM and the digital transformation of the construction sector. Watch the video

On 10th and 11th March, ACCA software hosted a two-day meeting with the bSI top management delegation; the prestigious worldwide body that has been leading the digital transformation of the construction industry since 1994.

An important recognition for the Italian leader of technical software and BIM for construction, architecture and engineering, that for years has been increasingly committed to contributing to the spread of openBIM through solutions that can make workflows more collaborative for improved coordination of projects.

richard petri buildingsmart international guido cianciulli acca software

A recognition following the upgrade, from standard member to multinational member, that now allows ACCA to participate at an active level on several national chapters of the total 21 available worldwide.

The builingSMART International delegation, with Richard Petrie (President), Richard Kelly (Operations Director bSI), Aidan Mercer (Marketing Director bSI), Léon van Berlo (Technical Director bSI) accompanied by Anna Moreno, president of the Italian chapter of bSI, visited the Italian based company’s headquarters met up with collaborators and also with Guido and Antonio Cianciulli, CEO and CMO-CCO of ACCA, who presented the latest software innovations for BIM and openBIM entirely developed by the company.

richard petri buildingsmart international guido cianciulli acca software openbim

Guido Cianciulli (ACCA software) and Richard Petrie (buildingSMART International)

Many topics were covered, together with many ideas and moments of discussion: from BIM to the advantages of openBIM, from open formats to the ongoing collaboration between bSI and ACCA: an important opportunity not only to get to know more about ACCA’s vision, but also to understand more about its work environments and specialistic skills.

Great appreciation was shown by the bSI delegation for ACCA’s support for buildingSMART International’s activities, the dissemination of openBIM and the innovative technologies and solutions currently undergoing development. Technology, innovation but also the environmental context and the headquarters of ACCA, created with extreme attention to environmental and social sustainability, also defined as a magnificent example of the application of BIM processes and workflows.

The openBIM pizza

And to finish off, a bit of italian culinary tradition!

The visit at ACCA’s headquarters concluded with a tasty idea: the openBIM pizza.

The bSI delegation also wanted to take the opportunity to taste a true Italian pizza. ACCA came up with a slice of creativity which was soon appreciated, and who knows… It could even turn out to be an excellent inspiration for a pizzeria, not only in a digital context.

openBIM pizza - menu

Video and interviews

Watch full coverage of the visit and follow the interviews with Richard Petri, Guido Cianciulli and Antonio Cianciulli on openBIM and the diverse topics relating to the digital transformation of the construction industry.