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fixture object in a BIM project

How to define and customise a fixture object in a BIM project

How to define and customise a fixture object in a BIM project. The detail video for the "Casa del Viento" project, produced entirely with Edificius.

Inserting fixtures in an architectural project is a fundamental aspect for any designer. The correct choice of doors, windows and balconies gives a precise impression of the building, as well as improving functionality and comfort.
The Edificius BIM software for architecture offers a wide range of window frames to fit into our model. These items vary by type, geometry, destination, and finishing materials. You can choose from classical fixtures, swivelling, vasistas, sliding panels and even modular glazing elements or shop windows too.
When there are special requirements, the software offers an integrated fixture editor allowing you to completely customize all properties from geometry to finishing.

To understand these details better, it is very important to see how the various design choices, within the BIM project, inspired 'Casa del Viento', a beautiful contemporary residence located in Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico, and designed by Studio A-001 Taller de Arquitectura.

Inserting a fixture into an architectural project with a BIM software

The video show's how to create a French window that connects a kitchen with an outside environment.


  • Selecting the window object and accessing the editor.
  • With a right mouse-button click, add a new element by selecting the Custom option and then Edit border.

Tracing the window frame profile with a BIM software

  • At 00:24min the video shows how to trace the frame profile using the guide lines. If necessary, extra nodes can be added to proceed with the drawing other details, etc. Once this phase is completed, simply confirm to return to the Project - BIM objects Library.

Customising a fixture object with a BIM software

At 1:25min, you can see how the fixture's shape is easily customised after having defined its overall geometry:

  • Assign the frame's depth and remove the lower cross-bar next to the door section;
  • Add 4 extra internal panels (3 for the windows and 1 for the door) assigning the relating measurements;
  • Specify the type of opening (sliding, fixed or hinged);
  • Position each door leaf in relation to the frame;
  • Further characteristics can easily be added such as bevels on both frames and panels.

The last step, at 3:30min shows how the editing phase is terminated closing the editor. The fixture can now be inserted in plan view where the desired colours and materials can be assigned.

Creating a construction detail with the Edificius BIM software

Video 2

This video shows how a highlighted construction detail can be created.

It starts with the insertion of a 2D floor plan. Once the floor plan has been created (being careful to set the cutting plane at 180cm from the ground level so as to cross-section part of the window) the Construction Detail can be added.
As you can see in the video (at 0:33min) you can also add measurements using the classic Linear Measurement tool (2 points).

Dimension styles can also be personalised according to user preferences.


Once the creation phase is completed, you can proceed with the clipping and inserting the composed construction detail inside the set of working drawings and documents.



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