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Casa Kwantes-MVRDV-Single-family detached homes by famous architects-architecture software BIM Edificius

Single-family detached homes by famous architects with BIM models

Here are some single-family detached homes examples by famous architects together with projects technical description and BIM models ready for download

Single-family detached homes are very common examples of residential buildings, many of which have been designed by famous architects.

This week’s Architecture Focus on building typologies by famous architects will be dedicated to a single-family detached home project located in one of the most innovative cities in Europe from the architectural point of view: Rotterdam.

You can take a closer look to the project construction details together with other media content such as 3D BIM models, renderings and CAD drawings of the entire projects available for download. You can even navigate the projects interiors completed with many BIM objects present in ACCA software catalogue that you can also download for free.

Casa Kwantes-studio MVRDV – interiors rendering made with Edificius software

Casa Kwantes by MVRDV studio– interiors rendering made with Edificius software

Navigate Casa Kwantes project 3D model

Choosing the best architect in the world can seem like a daunting task. Brilliant and creative minds have created and continue to design some of the most beautiful works on the planet. Masterpieces with a strong emotional impact, scenographic and technological buildings, buildings with a singular and very original structure.

Designer is also a synonym of artist.

Single-family detached homes by famous architects

We have selected 3 single-family detached homes by famous architects for our Focus Architecture special issues.

We will start off with illustrating Casa Kwantes, built in Rotterdam by MVRDV studio between 2014 and 2016.

Download the project 3D BIM model

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In the next insights we will analyze Villa Malaparte by Adalberto Libera and Villa Mairea by Alvar Aalto.

Casa Kwantes – MVRDV

The Dutch MVRDV studio is certainly one of the most interesting contemporary design teams. Founded in 1993 by the Dutch architects Maas, van Rijs and de Vries, it can be considered as one of the protagonists of the architectural renovation started by Rem Koolhaas in the Nineties.

The most recent works focus on themes relating to the contemporary cities, especially regarding density, which is a topic particularly relevant in the Netherlands and emerging in many other urban realities, and on the relationship between building and landscape.

Numerous are the projects the MVRDV studio has realized: the Dutch pavilion at Expo 2000, the large Flight Forum car park in Eindhoven, the Teletech Campus in Dijon, with the walls showing the QR code of the company’s various activities, the Borneo Houses in Amsterdam, the Wiener Veite Apartments in Vienna, the Braibant Library in Eindhoven, the Silodam in Amsterdam, the Unterföhring Park Village in Munich, and the multi-award winning the WoZoCo complex in Amsterdam just to name a few.

Many the awards also received: the Fritz Schumacher prize (2000); the NAi award 2002; the Amsterdam prize for the Arts 2003; the RIBA Manser medal (2011).

The project

Among the main reasons for selecting Casa Kwantes by MVRDV studio as example of single-family detached home designed by famous architects: the type of architecture, the design choices made, some specific construction elements, the peculiarity of a project being built in city centre among other buildings.

Although it is a single-family home project that has managed to safeguard isolation and privacy, without giving up light and open spaces, it doesn’t represent the prototype of an isolated single-family home.

Intimacy and landscape, hardness and flexibility, monolithicity and transparency: this is Casa Kwantes.

back side render - Casa Kwantes BIM

Casa Kwantes


“In its apparent simplicity it manages to be both original and absolutely stunning. What does not belong is not there.”

Casa Kwantes is located in the corner of a property in the middle of a residential neighborhood on the west side of Rotterdam.

Delimited by roads on the north and west sides, the design of the house is, on the contrary, tapered on the south side. The volume of the house is entirely oriented towards the neighboring buildings: tha facade runs parallel on two of the external borders of the site, but then it changes to form a curved intend.

Casa-Kwantes BIM area view

Casa Kwantes area view

Download the project area view DWGs

The house is built on a plot of 480 m2 on two levels with a simple flat roof.

In order to satisfy the municipal requisites of the city’s retro style, the architects have proposed a new way of interpreting the 30’s modernism.

Looking at it from the street it looks like a simple rectangular parallelepiped, a compact, pure volume clad in white bricks with minimal openings that do not allow much glimpse of what is hidden beyond the façade. Almost a monolith. You wouldn’t think of an architectural casket that can contain particular spatial surprises.

Entrance_Casa Kwantes_BIM

Casa Kwantes entrance

The only opening in the wall is the main entrance, that similar to a niche, wants to attract as little attention as possible.

Even once you cross the threshold, the house retains its mystery, introducing the visitor to a small, dark entrance hall.

From this point on, the house reveals its unpredictable and fascinating side. The internal part, which is distributed on two levels, opens up completely on the south side, while bricks give way to a curved and continuous window, which invites light to flood spaces.

Casa Kwantes first floor - BIM software

Casa Kwantes first floor

“the curved glass continuously wraps its way around the interior façade on both levels creating continuous views from one room to another. as well as a visual connection, an exterior balcony also creates the opportunity to easily walk from one space to the next without disruption. the glass reflections of the central tree continuously change and bounce around as one moves throughout the house and changes their perspective”

[J.van Rijs]

The house opens onto a living room designed with curved lines and characterized by a long wooden wall closet that hides all utensils, the entrance to the basement, the guest bathroom, the kitchen cabinet and the food storage.

The open space is lit in every corner and faces a garden that becomes integral part of the house thanks to an external floor turning the garden into an extension of the house. On the opposite extreme there are a small patio and a barbecue space.

Casa Kwantes Isometric view BIm software

Casa Kwantes isometric view

Download the project isometric views DWGs

Th focal point of the courtyard is an olive tree that represents the ancient soul of this project.

On the second level there are the bedrooms and a continuous balcony that runs along the entire interior and, being cantilevered, gives shade to the environments adjacent to the garden.

B-B cross-section Casa Kwantes BIM software

Casa Kwantes B-B cross-section

Download the project sections DWGs

As for the interiors, the adopted design combines retro taste and innovation.

On one hand, in fact, it pays homage to the 30’s modernism, with its high windows and the contrasts play, while on the other, it astonishes with unusual choices, making the olive tree an undisputed protagonist.

Casa Kwantes elevation view BIM software

Casa Kwantes Elevation view

Download the project elevation views DWGs

Some other remarkable aspects of the environment are the adopted technological and architectural solutions that allow the house to be fully self-sufficient. The dispersion of heat due to the windows is in fact largely balanced by a geothermal heat pump and solar panels, while the two slightly cantilevering levels allows, as mentioned, to have the right shade for the living room on the ground floor.

Download the 3D BIM model (.edf file) of a single-family project

Download the IFC model of a single-family project

Download the DWG drawings of a single-family project