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5 advantages of landscape architecture rendering

Landscape architecture rendering is the process of creating 3D images of a landscape project and outdoor space. Discover the different types of renderings and their 5 main advantages

Just as in an architectural project designers, architects or engineers use photorealistic images to represent the future impact of their interventions, so more and more landscape architects use renderings to represent external environmental design, be it a garden, a park or an urban area.

Fortunately, developing gardens design high quality renderings in a few minutes is possible thanks to landscape design software. Firstly, however, let’s find out what landscape architecture renderings are and their main benefits!

What is meant by landscape architecture rendering?

By landscape architecture rendering we mean the process of 3D representation of a landscape architecture project, obtained through the use of particular software with the purpose of transmitting the design intent.

Landscape architecture brings together the analysis, planning and design of the natural environment, social, ecological and territorial processes in all its facets. Renders are now powerful tools in the hands of landscape designers. Allowing them to enclose the entire project focus in images and to fully understand its objectives and key elements.

Landscape architecture rendering

Different Types of landscape architecture renders

There are three main types of landscape architecture renderings that can be identified:

  1. artistic renderings: it is possible to apply many artistic effects (black and white sketches, color sketches, watercolor style, etc.) generating impactful rendering;
  2. photorealistic render: widely used since they allow realistically visualize spaces, materials, lights and colors;
  3. real-time render: An innovation. It is possible to render the entire 3D model in real time and not just a model’s view in such a way that you may explore it as if it already exists.

Benefits of landscape architecture rendering

Renders offer numerous benefits to both professionals and customers, here are the top 5:

  1. quickly visualize and understand projects: renderings help customers imagine what the project will look like once finished. Hence ensuring a quick understanding of shapes, sizes, colors and textures, evaluating styles and details;
  2. evaluation of multiple project proposals: it is possible to frame different projects, from multiple perspectives and angles, at various scales or distances. Thus evaluating the best idea accordingly to project needs;
  3. time simulations: once green areas, parks, bushes, trees or gardens with different plants have been modeled, they can be simulated at every time during the year. Hence understanding their appearance in each season;
  4. efficiency in time and costs: if in design phase a client can understand how the project will look once realized, he can make desired changes thus avoiding delays and allowing for convenient cost savings decisions;
  5. competitive advantage: presenting design offers rich in real time photorealistic videos or renders, allows you to beat the competition obtaining customers’ positive feedback.

Improve your landscaping projects with professional rendering software

Landscape architecture renderings are undoubtedly the right tools to convey your design ideas. But creating accurate renderings requires skills, knowledge and software tools to produce quality images.

With the right tools you only need a few simple steps to improve your projects:

  • begin modeling outdoor spaces, including trees, shrubs, plants, streams and furnishing elements;
  • manage materials, textures and natural and artificial light;
  • choose the right point of view and start a photorealistic rendering or even a real-time one. Therefore continuing your design process;
  • create multimedia presentations through post-editing and generated content retouching.

To amaze your customers with outdoor renderings and immersive experiences, you just have to try a design of gardens and 3D exteriors software free for 30 days!