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Designing a single-family home with a BIM software Edificius

Designing a single-family home with a BIM software: SJ-House

Let's find out which kind of features make a BIM software indispensable. From 3D object modeling, to MEP integration and to creating cutaway drawings: the SJ-House project.

One of the main characteristics that has helped BIM software become indispensable to engineers and construction industry professionals has been the ability to seamlessly integrate so many features within a single software solution.
This aspect, in terms of more efficient design processes, meant cutting down on costs and increasing productivity drastically bringing BIM technology in a single, easy to learn software solution.

Let's see how some of these features have been used by Edificius, the Architectural BIM design software, in this design simulation of SJ-House.

SJ-House with a BIM software

The video of this project, inspired by the SJ-House building designed by AF Arquitetura architectural design firm and architect André Fornari in Florianópolis, Brazil, shows the powerful drawing features included in Edificius such as the useful 3D Magnetic Grid for modelling complex structures. This tool helps the designer in spatial modeling by easily defining a grid type structure that can then be covered either manually or automatically using steel, reinforced concrete or timber beams and pillars. An automatism that assigns the chosen profile sections automatically.

SJ-House is a 240 sqm duplex apartment divided across two floors, with 3 suites and offices on the upper floor and a living room area with kitchen, at ground floor together with accessory rooms and a garage for 2 cars.

For the building materials, 'minimal' choices were made, with just a few elements, predominantly wood and glass. This is to reflect the modern and dynamic attitude of the inhabitants.

Edificius and the 3D modeling editor

The interior stairs were modelled thanks to the dedicated editor. An advanced, specifically designed modelling environment that brings great flexibility and design freedom to any sort of customer needs.

Edificius and the new "Cutaway" drawing view

The latest release of Edificius is now equipped with the 3D Isometric Cutaway view that is also available when navigating in the Real Time Rendering (RTBIM) environment.

This new feature allows you to navigate within the building with a split view effect to assess even the smallest design detail with in Real-Time Rendering technology.

This new visualization mode can be enabled in the Edificius "RTBIM Effects" section from the program's toolbar. Easily choose from a list of ready made isometric cutaway views and apply them to the RTBIM environment.

The "Isometric Cutaway view" is a new important tool for improved perception of how the internal spaces are distributed and organised.
It also allows the client to better understand the furniture layout and address the Employer Requirements and Information in a more participated manner.

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