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EU BIM Task Group

EU BIM Task Group has published the “Handbook for the introduction of BIM by Europe’s Public Sector Community”

A document introducing BIM is finally available for the EU countries’ Public Administrations.

The much-awaited document “Handbook for the introduction of BIM by Europe’s Public Sector Community” has been published on 6th July 2017 by the EU BIM Task Group and now it is available for download on the Group’s website.

Handbook for the introduction of BIM

Handbook for the introduction of BIM

The broadly announced document plays an important role for its impact in addressing the industrial politics of the EU member countries.
Currently the non-coordination of the country members of the European Union when introducing BIM represents a risk, consequently creating a situation of building a market fragmentation on the continent.
The handbook is finalized to encourage the widespread introduction of BIM in reply to the increasing challenges that European governments and public clients have to face to stimulate the economic growth and competitiveness, providing directions as announced in the Commission press release for an “adequate adoption of BIM in the public sector across Europe”.

press release for “an adeguate adoption of the public sector in all Europe"

Press release of “guidance for consistent public- sector adoption across Europe”

The handbook’s authors, the EU BIM Task Group

Who are the authors of the “Handbook for the introduction of BIM by Europe Public Sector Community”?

“EU BIM Task Group” a cross-European cooperation gathering all the competencies of the public sector, including infrastructures and public properties’ owners, public clients and policy-makers from 21 countries.

The group, born from the British will to introduce BIM in public national works, has afterwards been co-financed by the European Commission once understood the importance on a European-level of such a solution and, more generally, after the digitalization of the building sector.

The first meeting of the directors’ board was held in Brussels on 19th January 2016 and the presidency was given to the British Adam Matthews.

The country members of the workgroup are: Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxemburg, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and United Kingdom together with the European institutions representatives (European Parliament, General management of the infrastructures).


The “Handbook for the introduction of BIM by Europe’s Public Sector Community”

The manual, disclosed on European scale at the end of a deep investigation in the constructions field, provides recommendations on political and strategical levels for the BIM introduction, being part of a wider change program and incrementing the development of industrial politics and management programs on a national, regional or real estate domains.
The purpose of the manual is to provide good practices and develop standards when introducing BIM, and to inform  the decision-making process of organizations in the public sector to be in line among themselves and the European constructions sector. The objectives of the handbook therefore are:

  • building a common understanding of the BIM methodology and a shared type of language
  • promoting a coherent introduction of BIM within the single countries
  • fostering the widespread usage of standards and common principles.

The handbook represents a sort of pathway where a first part of “general orientation” related to the understanding of general principles is followed by “strategic and executional recommendations”, “case examples” and applied strategies in several member states.


Click here to download the ‘Handbook for the introduction of BIM by Europe’s Public Sector Community

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