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How to manage construction projects PriMus KRONO

How to manage construction projects: the financial plan, the projects and works execution time scheduling

The management of construction projects is very complex and many aspects need to be monitored: from different construction scheduling to financial plans. Let’s find out how to manage them easily

Project monitoring is a positive and precise way to monitor quality, accuracy and progress of a building project.

Thanks to the monitoring of the construction we can also have a clear vision of the progress of the project, while being able to tackle the problem before or when arising.

PriMus KRONO, is a software that can help drafting the construction scheduling during the planning and works execution stage.

We have previously already seen how to easily draft a construction scheduling  in few minutes. Let’s now see how to do it with PriMus KRONO, the software solution for:

  • Project and works execution time schedules
  • automatic calculation  of time scheduling and Bill of Quantities;
  • analysis of the project financial plan.

Projects and Works execution time schedules

How can we manage the Project and Work execution time schedule in the same document?
We can start by creating  the work execution time scheduling from PriMus KRONO project diagram.

We can continue by managing all the activities  in the same way as expected for the project, shifting or editing the diagram within the GANTT chart.

We can also indicate the quantity of executed or graphically performed activities, or by specifying the absolute or percentage values in the editor.

Finally we can compare the execution financial plan with the project plan and identify the  deviations from what had been planned .

Automatic calculation of durations and quantities

How do we manage the calculation of duration and quantity according to the available resources?

You can do that in few simple steps and it is very easy!

From PriMus KRONO toolbar we can open the Period Data and indicate the Master resource that affects the productivity of the activity.

We can finally adjust the daily use of the resource so to obtain duration or quantity.

Construction Financial plan


We can now see how to carry out detection and control of the executed working amount, payments and other aspects.

We can start by accessing the Financial plan tool from PriMus KRONO project time scheduling toolbar .

We proceed reporting the expected amount at a certain date.

Thanks to the internal search engine we can view dates and amounts.

In the General Data we can eventually determine the amounts for each  “intermediate payment certificate ” and their issue date.