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How to become a BIM VDC engineer

What does a BIM VDC engineer do?

What’s the role of a BIM VDC engineer and how to access this kind of profession: Typical activities and responsibilities, training, professional skills and working tools.

Whatever the size of a building project, there’s always the need to set up a team of reliable professionals to deal with all aspects from design to coordination but new actors are coming into the scene requiring specific skills and project management abilities. Among the different types of engineering disciplines, let’s find out what a BIM VDC engineer is and which construction industry related skills he needs to have.

Ensuring the success of a project can be quite a complex job but the latest digital technologies in BIM oriented workflows has certainly brought many innovations such as the VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) process.

What is a BIM VDC engineer?

BIM VDC Engineer

What is a VDC engineer?

The BIM VDC engineer is a professional whose main task is to manage the planning, visualization and digital modelling of construction and infrastructure projects. They work closely with BIM Modelers, architects and clients to create a coherent construction plan while providing excellent communication and interpersonal skills, combined with technical expertise and an artistic approach.

The role of the BIM VDC engineer is essential because, he or she, is in charge of managing, planning and digitally modelling a given project. In addition, he or she is responsible for ensuring that the information is up-to-date and accurate at all stages of the project.

A large part of the work of a BIM VDC engineer also involves the use of BIM software and collaborative platforms, which are indispensable tools for facilitating collaboration, modelling and information sharing.

The use of BIM tools ensures that the information is always up-to-date and correct and that the different models (architectural, structural, etc.) do not have interferences or errors. In this way, all issues are addressed and resolved during a pre-construction stage, avoiding wastage of time and resources on site.

Attention to detail, familiarity with software solutions, a practical know-how and the ability to improve and acquire new skills with each job, really do translate into real cost savings for the client and therefore lead to adding value to every project.

In summary, the main tasks of a VDC engineer are:

Skills usually required are:

  • verbal and written communication skills;
  • collaborative and interpersonal skills;
  • knowledge of BIM modelling and the main BIM authoring software;
  • ability to organize delivery times and meet deadlines;
  • ability to understand project drawings;
  • computer skills;
  • creativity and artistic ability;
  • great attention to detail.

How to become a VDC engineer?

To become a VDC engineer, you need to have graduated from a specific studies such as an engineering degree.

If you’d like to broaden your career opportunities, it is also preferable to have completed a second level master degree or specific training courses that demonstrate know-how and understanding of the use of BIM processes.

In addition to qualifications, some experience in the construction sector is usually required.