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8 construction problems and challenges to be solved

8 construction problems and challenges to be solved

Payment Construction issues are the elements that can heavily affect the success of a project in its life cycle. Discover the 8 most common problems and how to solve them

The construction problems that can occur during the construction of a building are numerous and can certainly affect its integrity. Today, however, the technological advances available in the construction sector are numerous. This advancements can also allows to manage all the possible setbacks that arise in the different design phases.

Are you looking to understand how to solve the most common problems in the construction of a building?

All you have to do is to evaluate all the aspects in this article. Above all it is fundamental to download a software for construction management to take the first steps in the management of a construction.

What are the problems related to the construction of a building? Here are the 8 most common

There are many problems in the construction sector, here is a list of the 8 most common:

  1. Delays: they are certainly the main issue of any construction project. They are influenced by factors that cannot be controlled such as lack of material and labor or sudden failures. But, it can be also related to programming errors and work planning;
  2. Exceeding budgeted costs: Often, incorrect cost scheduling causes the initially excess on the budget schedule. This entails continuous design changes that result in delays and an almost zero return on investment;
  3. Lack of planning and scheduling: it is still cause of constant delays and cost increases;
  4. Cash flow unavailability: payment for the company it occur only after the completion of the project. This implies that for start working and succeed, the company must have liquidity for suppliers, subcontractors, employees and so on. Often what is missing is a proper funds management;
  5. Difficulties in keeping up with regulatory updates: regulations and standards are constantly evolving. Companies are affected, on several levels, by specific laws, to which they must ensure compliance. Keep in mind that some regulatory violations can be held not only economically, but also criminally;
  6. Poor communication: communication plays a very important role in the construction sector because the work is delegated and divided among several actors. Communication must be clear, continuous and uniform throughout the team, but too often this does not happen and problems are omitted until they become too difficult to solve;
  7. Equipment management: construction site equipment requires regular maintenance interventions. This, consequentially, requires quite high operating costs and for this reason they are often bypassed, causing high risks;
  8. Document management: how many contracts, material orders, invoices or receipts are lost during the construction phases of the project? ? Managing and dealing with many documents without relying on an construction document management tool, makes the process slow and subject to human error.
Professional analyzes design problems on site

professional analyzes design problems on site

What are the challenges on construction?

The construction industry is one of the largest sectors and, as time goes on, new challenges arise:

  1. Adoption of new technologies. Compared to other sectors, the construction industry is very slow to adopt and apply new technologies. Speeding up the adoption of BIM methodology and facility management software into your workflow would improve productivity, planning and collaboration. Other important technologies to adopt in your work are IoT, AR and VR, robots
  2. or drones that offer the possibility to monitor workplaces and keep them safe;
  3. Acquisition of new skills. In the construction industry, too many people are still anchored to the traditional construction method. It seems they have no interest in acquiring new specific skills in relation to new construction technologies that would improve the entire design process;
  4. Cybercrime. In this sector, construction site very often host the IT resources. Given the temporary nature of construction projects, there is less security in comparison to similar configurations present in traditional offices. For this reason, cyberattacks are increasingly frequent with manipulation of invoices, fraud and insurance losses. On the other hand, it would be advisable to create solid computer security bases to protect all the computer devices present on the construction site.

How to solve construction problems?

The only way to improve the construction sector is innovation! The adoption of new technologies in the construction sector is the only plausible answer to recurring problems.

LiDAR, drones, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, everything drives the digital transformation of buildings!

But how to optimize the workflow and manage all the problems that may arise during the realization of a construction?

Surely the best choice is to rely on a construction management software. A unique tool, shared by all, which allows you to control all the design and implementation aspects and trace the problems until complete resolution!