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ifc 4.3 standard

IFC 4.3 Standard Approved as Final

buildingSMART International announced that ISO has officially ratified version IFC 4.3 as the definitive standard.

On 4 January, 2024, buildingSMART International communicated in London that ISO officially ratified version IFC 4.3 as the definitive standard. This milestone solidifies IFC 4.3 as the latest evolution of ISO 16739, an internationally recognized standard. ISO 16739 is the international standard defining the IFC format’s characteristics for data sharing in the BIM process.

IFC 4.3 pushes the construction industry towards the digitization of infrastructure in openBIM format. The new standard is designed to extend the benefits of IFC to “horizontal assets” and linear infrastructures, such as roads, railways, bridges, and aqueducts (see the article “IFC 4.3, the new IFC standard for exchanging openBIM models of infrastructural works“).

To fully and freely manage BIM models in IFC 4.3 format, you can access this powerful online BIM viewer for free.

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Approval and Implementation Pathway

After a process of improvements and modifications in previous ISO phases, IFC 4.3 has gained unanimous approval. Its official publication is expected in the coming weeks.

Statement from buildingSMART International’s CEO

Clive Billiald, CEO of buildingSMART International, expressed his enthusiasm: “Receiving formal approval from ISO for IFC 4.3, now an accredited international standard, is extraordinary news for our industry. I am confident that the standard’s quality has been elevated through this process. I commend the commitment of everyone who has contributed over the years. Now, our focus shifts to supporting the adoption and use of this new standard by the industry and software community.”

To delve deeper into the topic and see a practical example of what can be achieved with the IFC 4.3 standard and dedicated tools, read “IFC 4.3, the openBIM standard also for infrastructure. Possible applications.”

About buildingSMART International

buildingSMART International is an independent, nonprofit organization leading in the development of open standards facilitating the flow of digital information in the construction and infrastructure sector. Its mission is to actively engage industry stakeholders in creating open standards for global planning, design, procurement, assembly, and management of buildings and infrastructure. It provides an international network and the necessary technical and process support to develop consensus-based open standards. Its members, spanning the entire built environment spectrum, collaborate under the auspices and management of buildingSMART. The organization also collaborates with other international standardization bodies such as ISO, the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), and the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). Its foundational standard, the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), received ISO approval in 2012.