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CMMS, what is it and its top 10 benefits

A CMMS is a computerized maintenance management system that guides and supports business processes. Here are its top 10 benefits

Technology makes giant strides every day, in the past to manage an organization you wold have used a grate amount of paper notes and spreadsheets. Today an increasing number of Facility Managers entrust the maintenance and management procedures of their companies to software capable of organizing, monitoring and diagnosing resources.

Do you know what a CMMS is? Have you ever realized how easy is to use it? and how it can improve your maintenance management system? First of all I recommend you to implement a facility management software in your maintenance activities as soon as possible. If you still have doubts, with this article you can start to take the first steps and discover the main advantages that this tool can bring to your work!

What is a CMMS?

CMMS is a computerized maintenance management system that simplifies maintenance processes, improves productivity, performance and resource management, and saves significant time and costs.

Thanks to CMMS software it is possible to control assets in real time and easily detect any anomalies. For this reason it is an indispensable tool for any organization that want to increase efficiency in the planning of maintenance interventions.

CMMS software is often confused with maintenance information systems (SIM). In fact, there is a clear difference between the two systems:

  • the SIM represents the set of standards and procedures that are the result of the daily work of the various users, which can be supported in different ways, including applications and software;
  • CMMS are software applications (often integrated with ERP software) to support the maintenance information system, which incorporate and automate the different maintenance procedures in a single platform and facilitates their development.

How does a CMMS work?

A CMMS centralizes maintenance information and ensures the automation of various processes such as:

  • asset management and registration;
  • management of work orders;
  • management of material stocks and inventory;
  • organization of preventive and periodic maintenance;
  • monitoring of unplanned maintenance;
  • development of analyses and verification;
  • production of reports and audits.
10 main benefits of a CMMS

10 main benefits of a CMMS

What are the Top 10 Benefits of a CMMS?

The top 10 benefits of CMMS software are:

  1. planning of maintenance interventions: CMMS can create a maintenance plan, individually for each of the equipment, thus giving the possibility to develop different dedicated interventions for each asset or group of assets with similar needs;
  2. immediate processing of work orders: a centralized system can create work orders, prioritize, send and manage efficiently and automatically those orders, can reduce paper documentation and programming costs;
  3. decrease maintenance costs: a CMMS can help you track maintenance expenses, allowing you to track investments, create reports to share, and save money.
  4. information on assets in real time: the collection of centralized cloud data, open to all, allows you to have the information of an asset at your fingertips immediately. This accessibility simplify the identification of problems and the intervention to solve it;
  5. monitoring and control of resources: to solve problems related to shortages or excessive expenses related to materials a CMMS allows to monitor and manage the inventory of resources. The software tracks items in stock, special orders or various items movements;
  6. speeding up inspections and repairs: by constantly monitoring resources it is possible to speed up repairs and inspections reducing unplanned downtime. A CMMS allows you to view the history of problems and repairs so as to carry out the intervention in the shortest time;
  7. prolonge asset life: a resource constantly monitored and kept in a state of efficiency through inspections and programmed interventions, naturally increases its useful life;
  8. increase safety: damaged machinery is dangerous for both the work environment and operators. The CMMS verify that an equipment operates in certain safety ranges, signaling appropriate interventions, thus reduce safety risks;
  9. improve systems compliance: management of safety procedures and legislative compliance is quick and easy; a maintenance audit is thus developed in less time, with data at hand and saving time and costs;
  10. increase work team efficiency: you can take advantage of a centralized platform to coordinates internal teams and external partnerships. The platform allows a better workflow, greater communication between parties, and error reduction.

The advantages that a CMMS can offer to your company and your maintenance business are numerous and all very relevant! What are you waiting for? try a Facility Management software too. Try it now and discover for yourself how this tool simplifies any Facility Management procedure!